The Koch Conspiracy

By Alberto Pupo

The Koch Brothers, billionaire extraordinaries. They have bankrolled the Tea Party in secrecy and have proven to be the leaders of the Ayn Rand revival. However how much do we know about the Koch agenda? What secrets do these two brothers hold close to the vest hoping never to have them revealed? Yes there secrets that are being held things that can shake humanity to a core. Secret plans for the United States which now in 2012 they plan to unleash upon an unsuspecting populace. The two men responsible for the establishment of a Shadow Government are putting their plans into action. Let us go into the rabbit hole and into a path of darkness.

Charles and David Koch are pleased with how plans are going. Within the next year they will launch operation Rand. In a secret memo Charles reveals the steps that will be taken on operation Rand. It will begin with the destruction of the middle class. With a complete deunionization of America there will no protection for the worker. Already in Koch Industries employees are often brainwashed with subliminal propaganda. Through the used of advanced digital technology they receive messages telling them to worship and kneel before Ayn Rand as their one true Goddess and Messiah.

Every morning there are passages read from Atlas shrugged as a tool of indoctrination. Charles goes to detail in his memo that Jesus, is nothing more than a passe myth.. Ayn Rand was indeed the Second Coming and she will be resurrected in 2012. The memo then seems to grow even darker as they begin to spat a plan to fully privatize the military and all the resources in the United States so that the people will be forced to turn to Koch Industries for all their resources.

The memo was truly a bizarre plan and one that most people are seemingly not aware of. The strange slavish devotion to Rand as a Mother Goddess is also a common theme in a letter written to his brother by David Koch. In this letter he details how the vision of Ms. Rand appeared before him one night after a bout of heavy drinking. He told his brother that she spoke softly and reassuringly telling him that when the day of Reckoning comes that only true believers will be spared. The vision told him that Capitalism needs to be purified and that the leeches that are the poor need to be wiped off the face of the planet. The letter to his brother then ends will a motto “Trust in Rand.”

With the elections coming and the Supreme Court paving the way for the perfect conspiracy. The Koch Brothers have already begun to flood the elections with cash. As the Founders of the Tea Party and the Men who are the economic engine for ALEC. The Koch Brothers are waiting for the cue to put the operation into play. The final step to begin the conversion of America to the religion of their Mother Goddess Ayn Rand.


3 thoughts on “The Koch Conspiracy

  1. Alberto…I love your sentiment and it’s very interesting and disturbing information. However, your article is RIDDLED with grammatical errors.

    “Yes there secrets that are being held things that can shake humanity to a core.”

    “Charles and David Koch are pleases with how plans are going.”

    “Every morning there passages read from Atlas shrugged as a tool of indoctrination. ”

    HUH?? Just to point out of few.

    How can you be taken seriously?

  2. Hmmm…. poor spelling and editing, as well as a complete lack of evidence, do not make for a convincing argument. Try again.

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