Let the Ranting Begin

By Alberto Pupo

Prologue: These short rants are different from the articles within. They will becoming at you on a daily basis short and sweet. They will be clearly marked you have been warned.


Welcome to the Daily Rant the first episode where everything will be put to a trial by fire Short and too the point. What is wrong with America today? That a wolf in sheep skin can earn the trusts of a movement? That insane religious zealot takes second place? Or that everyone truly does hate Mitt? But let us leave those question aside and ponder on the glorious news of a challenge stemming from conservative Montana. A test case that will be trying to shoot down citizens United once and for all.  However can it succeed in a Court that has been bought and paid for by George W. Bush. Hid legacy still remains the stench of sulfur still with us. Oh well at least Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry finally go away  leaving the rest of the rational world to rejoice.

2 thoughts on “Let the Ranting Begin

  1. This Supreme Court stacking and many other courts, too, is a most serious barrier to overturning this Citizen United ruling. We the People have serious work to continue to reclaim this Republic from many years of incremental changes which so many never bothered or were too busy surviving to even notice. Thanks for the post. Peace, Jane Christenson from Facebook.

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