2011 A Look At a Year of Revolution

By Alberto Pupo

2011 a year of Revolution. When it comes to politics this is one of the wildest years that our Nation and the world has experienced. Things have come out of the unexpected wild and unpredictable things, a global revolution and a challenge to the notion of business as usual. 2011 has been a year of enormous change. While a very progressive year, as with any years there have been some things that have not been so great which have occurred and then of course there is the plain ugly.

Let us take a closer look at this Revolutionary year.

The Good

Occupy Wall St- The wake up call our Nation has been waiting for. After years of abuse the people of the United States those who are not part of the wealthy 1% have become fed up. Occupations sprang up like wildfire in many cities around the United States. Protests went in daily and nightly, people all demanding in unison that we stop the inequality in our Nation. The Occupy Movement was said to be a nebulous collection of progressive ideals. It is actually in fact not a simple protest movement but a paradigm in the way we approach politics. This has to be the greatest event of the wild 2011 year.


Arab Spring: The precursor to the Occupy Wall St movement. Inequality in Arab Nations comes to the spotlight, with a yearning for freedom from tyranny. Arab Spring saw a clashing of the new generation weaned on the internet versus the old guard who wanted nothing more than to continue iron fist rule. While not a complete success it has helped bring about a change throughout the most of the world including our very own country.


Tea Party is quiet: 2011 has been a relatively tea free year. With the rising of a true movement like Occupy. The charade that is the Tea Party has become an afterthought. The Tea Party’ influence has waned considerably after being exposed as a Koch Brothers charade, the Tea Party has basically been exposed for the chicanery and lies its influence in politics fanning out.


The Republican field: Now why would this be a good thing? Well the madness speaks for itself. The way the Tea Party revealed it faux nature, this field of Republican candidates has sounded the death knell for the GOP. Just a single listen at their ideas can make a moderate completely Progressive.


The Return of Unions: Battles over Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin and Ohio has once again taught a New Generation of Americans about the importance of Labor Unions. Americans have learned that Labor Unions have done much good for our society and it is because of their influence that we have retained rights as workers. The Unions have also been a boon to the Occupy Movement and have stood with solidarity.


Iraq- Yes this War is ostensibly over.



The Bad


Congress does well nothing: While this is good news to win elections in 2012, a country which needed to fix its economy languishes still. The do nothing Congress continues to sit on its laurels as the Middle Class vanished from existence.



The 1%: The bastards mock their champagne and continue to try to marginalize the Occupy Movement. However the caviar dreams may come crashing soon as Americans have caught on to the game.


Afghanistan: This war seems to have no end. With Bin Ladinout of the way the War on Terror meme continues to move on forward.


Union Busting: Thanks to the Koch Brothers, insane Governors have passed legislation to curb Collective Bargaining. Leaving the working class with even less rights at the time.


Anthony Weiner: He was banished by the Victorian American mindset. So to punish him they give his Congressional seat to a Republican. America still is fixated on “sexual misconduct” his crime Tweeting a picture of his genitals.. one that sparked a revolution and corrupted all of our children.


Newt Gingrich gaining?: After 1997 why does this clown even have a legitimate political career? Is that all it takes in America is to have a brief hiatus and run for the presidency it seems there is Amnesia.


The Ugly


The continuing abuse of Bradley Manning-: A man who exposes the inhumanity and callousness of war. He should be a hero. He is held indefinitely;y and may be executed this coming year, all in the land of the free.


Detention of Citizens- Yes the new Bill authorized by both parties. A response to Occupy indeed.


Police Brutality against Occupy- Freedoms to protest curtailed with violence and pepper spray, in a Nation where we have the right to protests we go to jail for standing up for what is right thanks to the police that we the people finance.

Bloomberg: A power mad coward who did nothing more than allow the brutality to continue against Americans using the power of the 1st Amendment.

Osama Bin Ladin is dead why is the war on terror going?: While Bin Ladin’s death was plain ugly there was some hope that the “war on terror meme” would come to an end however it seems to continue and Afghanistan continues.

2011 has had its share of bad and ugly moments, but taken into totality it has brought many victories in trying to establish a new paradigm in American politics.

2 thoughts on “2011 A Look At a Year of Revolution

  1. The only part the tea party really played was to build a database of reliable Faux Sheep to be the ground troops for the Koch 1%. No matter how much money you throw at a situation you need people who will act like fools if need be to advance your agenda. All the crazy schemes have had the effect of giving the Koch Bros a deep database of crazed racists and other sorts of idiots, with a detailed list of exactly what sort of hot button each one has.

    It is then that the unlimited money can be quietly and precisely targeted to the exact message each idiot will need to get out and vote and get their friends out and vote and with the vote suppressed for all those not a part of their demographic, they hope to win elections with their 20% of fools.

    With enough disgust with the democrats that get folk not to get out and vote, they might succeed.

    • It worked in 2010, did’nt it and that was W/O the voter suppression laws, district gerry mandering and only the first round of Citizens United letting unlimited corporate money come funneling in. Now that Americans “have caught on” to the game, the rats must try and win by design on TOP of their propaganda machine Fux News and all the money behind them so strip union rights, target blocks of voters with these bogus laws and rig the districts. No problem wth THAT though when the “right” does crap like this nor does our corporate owned, controlled and completely biased media have much to say about it. MSNBC does btwn all their coverage on the gop candidates BS and endless ads from BP, Exxon-Mobil, BOA and AT&T that you’re lucky if you remember the snip of of THEIR so-called “liberal” bias.
      You notice not much is being done about it and when it finally is, the media is pretty silent in the “defense category” about this assault on people’s rights but the coverage as usual is either trying to be “neutral” or in the case of Fixed News, outright in attack mode against “Obama’s gangster government again” and they get a free pass on the hate.

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