Reproductive Slavery: Mississippi Style


By Alberto Pupo

With the Occupy Movement heating up further. With the middle class struggling to retain Democracy in the United States. The state of Mississippi, is delving into a very important issue. The state of Mississippi will be engaging in a very primitive action. With all the economic upheaval the large concern right now seems to be a Woman’s Right to Choose. In one of the most economically devastated states in America the new proposal is to actually amend the Constitution to grant rights to Fertilized eggs! The last statement may seem outrageous but is sad and true a testament of how the right wing Fascist have completely lost touch with reality.

Roe v. Wade continues to be a target. Mississippi is going to present a new challenge, a state constitutional amendment. If passed this will grant person-hood on fertilized eggs which will have several repercussions. Firstly abortion will be tantamount to murder. Yes any form of abortion will be considered murdered since naturally conception will be deemed the beginning of person-hood. Secondly some forms of birth control will be outlawed. The morning after pill will no longer be an option, IUD’s or anything that damages a fertilized egg will be out of the question. Birth Control Options will be extremely limited. Finally another aspect is that it will affect any form of In-vitro fertilization.With this outrageous new proposal the conservative right naturally does not even blink. Mississippi Governor and KKK luminary Haley Barbour is supportive of the measure as well. If the amendment is tacked on it will provide a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade to a Conservative Supreme Court that has been salivating at the opportunity to take away a woman’s right to choose.


The Amendment idea is peppered with irony. Mississippi a state which tremendously poor and lacking many resources, will now have to deal with a potential population surge. People who have no jobs and can barely feed themselves will now be forced to bring other human lives into the world simply to satisfy a “moral calling”. This is a sad state of affairs indeed that while many in the country are filling the streets protesting the need for better jobs, education, and opportunity, politicians in Mississippi are fixated with restricting a woman’s rights. Once again a fine example of misplaced priority and a tell tale sign as to why this country has deteriorated. This Amendment is nothing more than a distraction to stop the people from realizing just how bad the situation is for the poor and middle class.

The proposed Amendment must not pass. The people of Mississippi need to stand against this barbaric and crude infringement of rights. This amendment is a waste of time and will set forth legal challenges on an issue that truly has no merit as it has been decided legally and scientifically. It is time to to stop wasting time beating the old dead horse of Roe v. Wade and begin to focus on issues of greater importance.

2 thoughts on “Reproductive Slavery: Mississippi Style

  1. Thank you Alberto Pupo. Great article, clear and strong analysis. You know they did this back in chattel slavery days too – Right?! Reproducing Slaves. Insurance companies, banks, and STOCK STOCK Markets, present and Futures will deliver and make trillion$. These Plantocracy/Slavocracy Networks are stooping to new depts in the exploitation of literally the “least of these”. This new law will command ownership of all children by the self acclaimed Confederate State of Mississippi. A State maintaining Slavery “…AS A PUNISHMENT FOR CRIME…”! (Art. 1, Sec. 1, Paragraph XIX of Miss State Const.)
    Likewise, in Alabama Migrant Workers and their children were attacked with Slave Catcher laws, and the migrant workers left Alabama and took their slave labor elsewhere. Hopefully, the women in Mississippi will likewise Exodus.

  2. Think this is not right! comparing it to murder and making some birth controls not available is crazy!! You can not fix our economy by digging more of a hole with making abortion illegal. I also think its funny that KKK luminary is a joke!

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