Fear and Loathing this Election Cycle!

By Alberto Pupo

Last night’s Presidential debate, was an exercise in futility. This is the culmination of almost two decades now of a country which has been soaking up Reality tv, combined with a never-ending war of error. Now after last night it is clear that this election cycle is an 14264908_1219415344798946_1590424831154924402_nunmitigated disaster and we the people have let it get to this point.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton is a gift handed to us by the 1% that runs this Nation. Because it is a long running joke among the “elite” that Americans only want to engage in their viewing of the Bachelorette, Dances With Stars, Survivor, etc. That the game of politics is something that they have no time for. Going on this theory, the elite has decided that why even bother to try and mask our fucked up reality with “viable candidates.” Who the hell needs candidates that sound like they are competent and can govern the masses when you can simply insert the two that have been provided to us by The Two Major Corporate Parties. This election is an exercise in futility, we the people had one legitimate chance, one major hope to get out of this outcome but alas Bernie Sanders was sacrificed to the altar of the very same people he vowed to fight during his campaign.

The debate for the first time featured not a single interlude of policy. Instead, we were treated to two Corporate sycophants (one of them Trump playing the shill for the other). Setting up a Date at “Wrestlemania” ( or what we used to call the elections). Quite frankly there were moments I half expected an audience member to throw in a steel chair. Instead we the people were treated to thousands of metaphorical steel chairs right to our skulls. Quite frankly we know the Winner of this tale, as with the WWE the outcomes are scripted. Trump is making a bang up job playing a detestable, (and now sexual pervert apparently) character who hates everyone and everything except himself and his family (in fact one can wonder what his grand finale will be). People forget that Trump is there to serve a purpose, to provide a foil from a failure of a politician in Hillary Clinton, a person who can not tell the truth at all. She is extremely dangerous and has the hankering to fight Russia (which she mentioned over and over again while everyone was too busy chuckling about Trump’s sniffles, and talking about Melania “pussy bow.”) This is the new low that we have reached as a Nation.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not true candidates. They are an attempt by the 1% who run this Nation to take what is left of our Nation and destroy it., They are doing this to break our will so that we the people refuse to fight back so that we simply outcome and they can continue to rule with an iron fist. We the People must reject this. We need to fight back.

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