Enter the New Monarchs!

By Alberto Pupo

All Hail the new monarchs! History has a strange way of repeating itself, and as the 2016 Presidential Primaries are coming to a close, it seems like we have arrived full circle at such a moment. Already Donald Trump has been the new monarch, with all his ego and bluster, it is obvious he wants to rule the United States as King. However… every king needs his queen? Last night marked the final round of Democratic Primaries. A night trumpClintonwhich has been declared “historic” by a slavish Corporate Media that is practically wetting itself with the prospects. It has been a long time. We come full circle, a Country that was founded on a Revolution to depose a monarch. Now finds itself choosing between two.

These primaries have been a coronation for Hillary. Bernie Sanders has defied odds, launched a People’s revolution taking us toward a promise of a Progressive future. He has been fought the whole step of the way by a Party who is feeling the buzz for some blueblood… (vote blue I get it!) for quite some time. This establishment of Barons and Baronesses loves to live of the succulent teat of Corporate donors who have given them the ability to live a Courtly life! Their constituents let them eat cake. History has this awful way of coming back full circle. While many feared that the United States would somehow fall into a new wave Fascism (ala Bush 2001-2008), instead we are embracing something that all living Americans have not seen ever, a monarchy.

In Trump and Hillary, you have two birds of a feather (and there is plenty of evidence they flock together). Both differ in approach and style. Trump blusters his way as the Kings of old. While the queen’s approach is a little more insidious…he pretends to be fighting for the people while plunging the knife behind their backs a curious mixture of Lady Macbeth and Margaret Thatcher. Still what we have here is a disaster. The two parties have essentially decided not to nominate candidates but instead bring back the monarchy… However, there is still hope Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight on for the people.

However we the people must realize Bernie is but one man. This goes beyond him. This is our Political Revolution. The Spirit of 1776 returns in 2016 and is spearheaded by the people wanting change to the point of crafting a Progressive Grassroots Party. Enter the Progressive Independent Party. Inspired by the vision of Senator Sanders but ready to become oh so much more, especially since we are living in dire times. We the people need to fight on harder than ever. We the people must reject the New Monarchs.

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