Bernie or Bust: The only Rational Choice

By Alberto Pupo

Yes, it is almost over…. But not quite, a Primary season yanked directly out from Game of Thrones. We have deception, intrigue, drama, scheming (we are looking at you Wasserman Schultz). But now the time has come to declare a winner. The queen is 4tessierWEB-blog480already reaching for the crown in a unilateral coronation. But the only chance we have to save America comes in the guise of Senator Bernie Sanders. After all the madness we are caught between Clinton and Trump… our only option is to go Bernie or Bust.

The primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been close… (and full of fraud in some instances).Despite the rigging, despite most primaries shutting out independent voters Senator Sanders finds himself within striking distance and we are heading into what will be the first contested convention in a very long time. Based on how things have been unfolding this primary season the convention is sure to bring forth enough drama and spectacle. Already worried Hillary supporters and the Democrat establishment are trying to issue warnings to Sanders supporters trying to “bring them to heel” in a manner of speaking. Dianne Feinstein of California is engaging in such a fit of hyperbole that she is already warning that this could be a “Chicago of 1968” The truth? Her claims are incredibly overblown, the only thing Bernie Sanders and his supporters want is a fair chance at the nomination something that has been denied thus far.

Bernie or Bust, this is the name of the game now. If Hillary is indeed handed the crowd despite the protestations of the people (a very likely scenario). Then we can hope that Bernie Sanders will launch an independent run as he would be the most popular independent candidate in American history. Independents who were shut out of the primaries around the will gladly cast their vote for Bernie Sanders in November, and that will lead him to a landslide victory over two of the most unpopular choices that the Duopoly has ever given the American people.

Primary Season is almost over but not quite yet. This Convention will most certainly be contested and in the end, a Hillary Clinton triumph will leave us with the worst candidate selection ever. Either road we take will destroy our Nation. As a Progressive there is is only one rational course of action to take in this election cycle and that is to go Bernie or Bust.

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