The People Demand Progress!

By Alberto Pupo

This is the end of the status quo. In what has been a strange and vicious primary fight, several things have become evident. The people are tired of politics as usual and have a desire to embrace a more Progressive America. This is not a spontaneous overnight reaction. This all started with Occupy Wall St., while the occupations were violently brought to an end (via the corrupt use of the Patriot Act), Americans everywhere awoke to dna-progressive-societythe realization that our economic system was corrupt and rigged for 1% of the Nation. Now we have a candidate who supported and endorsed the movement when everyone else decided to engage in political cowardice and support their Corporate Donors. Now in 2016 there is a golden moment the Republican Party is in shambles with no clear leader and there is a candidate in Bernie Sanders who can usher in what would be the beginning of a paradigm change in American society.

The people are fed up, and Progress has many enemies, in a tightly contested primary Bernie Sanders is trying to win in a nomination process that has been rigged against him but one of the Major Parties. The Democratic Party has been in denial desperately trying to push ahead a candidate who represents a regression in domestic and foreign policy, by trying to place emphasis on her gender Hillary Clinton is trying to gain the presidency, but her platform and ideas do not represent a move towards progress, but instead, it would be a status quo of 1% domination and American Wars. The millennial generation has grown up with a rigged economic environment and a Nation constantly at War; They want leadership which represents a progressive future, as they realize it is not their time on the stage to clean up the mess that has been made by previous American generations.

The people are also tired of the Two Party system. This antiquated notion that if one does not choose a candidate from the two major parties is beginning to die. With every passing day there more independent and unaffiliated voters, yet these voters are getting tired of having their voices shut out especially by the system of closed primaries. They desperately want and need alternatives to the status quo; they want political parties to represent their political will without having to bend and compromise on their principles or “hold their noses” and vote for “the lesser of two evils.”

2016 is a very interesting year. It is the culmination of a journey that started with an Occupation and will potentially end with the rise of a new kind of public servant and a brand new outlook on American politics. From this moment on we can forget some of the dark points in our history and move forward with a renewed sense of Hope. This is the Hope we have been waiting for.

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