The reason for Trump

By Alberto Pupo

Anger, hatred, and bullying behavior. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been one “lovefest” away from causing a full-blown civil war. Things are so out of control even CNN 23-reality-trump.w529.h352is starting to take note of the recent madness in Chicago. Naturally Mr. Trump blames everyone else but himself for this mess, but is he responsible for all of this? Is there another Party that shares the responsibility for this spectacle? Unfortunately, the answer is in the mirror.

Do Americans have a fetish for notorious celebrities? The more inane the capers, the more Americans coo over their desire to share in their fantasy world. Almost two decades ago now “reality tv” first hit the United States courtesy of MTV. It was supposed to show what happens “when people stop being polite and get real” This craze went on to spin various “reality scenarios” that have captivated Americans. As viewership increased so did disdain for other literary pastimes like reading and thinking. Instead, it was this fantastical parallel universe of “hot, sexy, or bold assholery” that is what Americans were aspiring to. With the advent of social media Reality tv, meets the internet, now the American public can be kept abreast of every happening in the lives of these celebs. America would never be the same again…

Donald Trump ever the business mogul… seized the day on this trend helped create “The Apprentice” a new fantasy where “self-made moguls are the most important thing on the earth, and the only thing that matters is advancing the Capitalist Agenda. With a kitschy catchphrase… he wormed his way into the hearts and soul of the apathetic masses who at that time were looking for an escape from the Bush darkness which had dulled their senses and clouded their minds with “The War on Terror”. Soon they all fell in love with the Donald…

Now the Donald has stepped out of the small screen and into the world of “Politics” the world that most Americans shun as much as the leper waiting around the corner. But now here was a man they have idolized, and laughed on the screen and here he stands bigger, bolder, better.. So now there is time to ride the bandwagon…
So yes this reprehensible human being working on dividing the Nation did not just emerge from nowhere. He has simply seized on a movement and culture that Americans had embraced fully and now it may be a little too late to reverse course and stop this runaway train.

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