Do Not Give in to the Fear in 2016…

By Alberto Pupo

The new year has arrived. After a long drawn out orgy of polls and Trump madness, this year an ultimate decision will be made as the Obama era comes to a close and we begin anew with a blank slate. The choices this year are interesting because for the first time in forever? (Don’t sue me Disney), the Progressives of America finally have a legitimate 12230914_1651822955086556_1989907803_ncandidate who wants to serve the people for a change. However all is not rosy as there are still pockets resistant to change and a “safe candidate” standing in the way of true positive change coming to America.

Bernie Sanders must prevail. Some way somehow the United States cannot afford to allow the golden opportunity to slip away.   If things go well at the ballot box we have the possibility to have a Middle Class resurgence in America. With a resurgent Middle Class (while this will not herald the end of inequality), it will be a shift in the right direction after almost three decades of corporate rule. While Bernie Sanders will not be able to fight this battle alone (the Presidency does have its limitations) he will be able to use the power of the Executive in order to do everything possible in the name of the people (finally a true public servant). Yet there are still dark possibilities which can thwart our path to a better America.

Fear! This has been the ultimate undoing for almost two decades. This constant fear of a terrorist deluge. This fear is now best embodied in the now fashionable acronym ISIS. This mindset however can once again sway Americans into making a big mistake and electing monsters like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Fear has historically thwarted our attempts to have Democracy evolve. This fear is also evident in the selection of the safe candidate. Enter Hillary Clinton a tried and true political name, with status-quo policies featuring military strength and Wall St. coddling. These policies are what we have been living under for three decades now and the fear of change which exists among so many Americans have allowed for these policies to continue to rule us all. Is this the year that we finally break free from the chains of fear and for once follow a Progressive Path for our Nation? A Sanders Presidency will also have a benefit that it will break the cycle of fear and in the future allow for more Progressive candidates to continue the trail that Bernie Sanders will establish if he is elected. Giving in to fear will set our country back to the era of Fear aka the Bush era. An era were the United States got a little taste of what Fascism is like. This is something that can easily be prevented if the American people simply set aside irrational fear and elect a candidate that will move us forward as a Nation.

Fear, fear is responsible for much evil in this world. Most negative human emotions like rage and hate are directly affected by fear. Fear causes us to want to kill others, fear causes us to hate others based on race, religion, culture, gender, etc. If we allow ourselves once more to give into fear we will set our country back, and while it is possible to come back the society that we will live in will bring very dark and ugly, and who knows if we allow fear to consume us completely we may never be able to comeback from it.

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