ISIS, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

By Alberto Pupo

The Muslims are coming quick hide behind the Donald’s wall!   It started in Paris and really picked up steam in Cali, What was once just  a varsity league Al Queda” has now become a bonafide threat… the Country is in Defcon 6 and the Neo Crusaders are chomping at the bit to invade the Holy Land for more crude. Meanwhile the Media is engaging in what they U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Sarasota, Floridado best fear mongering and polls about how we have been fear mongered? Is this the new normal in America? To see a Caliphate underneath every bed? Meanwhile America crumbles and Corporations continue to their own brand of domestic terrorism.

Nothing creates a Fascist like a Crisis, so when “wanabee President Donald” began to quack about Muslims, the polls apparently showed a spike of gratitude. Donald Trump the man who would be President? (or in the midst of a reality tv show) is engaging in Hate Speech that is one step away from creating internment camps for anyone who may be of a slightly swarthier complexion… White Rage has been converted into White fear… a fear of a horde of mystic warriors shootings us all (using our loose gun laws) and exploiting them in the name of blood, death, and devastation. Meanwhile the Media asks “Why do they Hate us?” As we begin to plunder resources (or as we call them National Interests) and more or less involve ourselves in the middle of what quite frankly are Civil Wars. So this sort of Hate the Muslim  song and dance keeps us distracted from poverty, inequality,health issues, and, environmental issues. Instead we can all hold hands and wave the flags while we feast upon anyone who may appear to be Muslim(meanwhile losing all international credibility).

So this has become the new normal as we approach an election year. Terror alerts are being ramped up. The 2001esque hysteria rearing its ugly head (complete with jingoist polls) Meanwhile a potential Presidential candidate waxes poetics about violating civil and human rights. Meanwhile Corporations violate our rights every day, exploit the worker, and generally tell us all quite frankly to “buy or go fuck ourselves”. God Bless America right?

One thought on “ISIS, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

  1. Is this where the top tier GOP candidates and their supporters want to take us? I know some Irish; my family! I know some blacks; my family! And, I know some dogs. They’re animals. How are Americans considering electing such dehumanizing, ignorant, uneducated, disgusting, big-headed, entitled, don’t-know-your-ass-from-hole-in-the-ground, inbred, Nazi’esque, sons-of-belly-crawling serpents?

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