The Head vs. The Heart

By Alberto Pupo

“He is un-electable”, “He can’t win”, ” He is a socialist”. These are the slurs that are often bandied about Bernie Sanders. There is this incredible fear that if Sanders wins the primary that somehow  Donald Trump (or some other bozo) will rail road him in the General Election ushering 4 years of Republican rule (guaranteed).  Because of this fear db795362b1c911e1af7612313813f8e8_6some Democrats a more Progressive bent who ideologically stand with Sanders are fleeing to the arms of Hillary Clinton, “the sure bet”. This is the “Head vs. the Heart”, where people are implored to forget what they desire and go the one who will secure the win. This sort of mindset is what has gotten our Nation into trouble many times, when we try to jump on the bandwagon of a certain winner rather than go with someone who represent the people.

Hillary Clinton is rising in the polls, her supporters ready to push the 2008 candidate into the White House by hook or by crook. Hillary is now currently running around the country with her new found Progressivism (a  watered down version of Sanders’ platform), but at the same time whereas Sanders cannot carry out the vision she will be the one to get it done. This sort of political fear has unfortunately worked on people of a weaker constitution, people who are brainwashed into believing that by ignoring your heart that we will get the results….  But why can’t Bernie win?

Republicans are a party in disarray, their debates have turned into reality tv slug-fests, and there is little if any substantive policy or vision being put forth. There is not a single viable candidate  in fact the field is so weak even  a weak candidate like Lincoln Chafee could have taken most of them down. The Republican’s are a party that within 10 years will become a footnote in history much like the Whigs. Bernie Sanders is a man who has been a mayor, a Congressman, and now a Senator. The man has been consistent in his platform for 30  years and he understands the inner filth that is “establishment politics” and most importantly even though he has been swimming among the filth for a long time he has amazingly not become corrupt by the garbage around him. In short there is no need to fear Bernie can win, in fact he will trounce any candidates that the Republicans can put against him easily.

The 2016 election is not one that we the people should fear. This is not an election where we should vote merely for someone who will win but in the end will betray all Progressive values and just carry out more of the same old, corrupt thinking. We need to break the cycle of fear as a people as there is a golden opportunity to finally dispense with the “lesser of two evils routine” and finally vote for a candidate that has a significantly different political view. It is time for as an electorate to stop fearing and finally vote with our hearts.

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