Holy Hypocrite!

By Alberto Pupo

It is quite sickening, Kim Davis embattled County Clerk, taking a stand against Oppression, emulating the very Jesus she claims to believe in. Her actions are heroic! denying the Civil Rights of  the LGBT community is a sign of a true hero, thee is a place in Heaven right at the side of the Lord. Like Nelson Mandela once did she stews  in a jail cell Davis.Kim_because she fought for what was right the right to oppress.

The Supreme Court only a few months ago settle the score on marriage equality. Because it is the highest court in the land their decision cannot be easily ignored especially those who are part of the Court System. Kim Davis is no hero, she is a hypocrite who broke the law, hiding behind white privilege in a highly conservative state, hiding behind the mask of Christianity a very common hiding place for those of criminal intent who love to violate the law.  Ms. Davis’ right have not been violated, nor her freedom to be a Christian stripped away. She is a woman who has a duty to hand out marriage licences to all those who apply for one and as of a few months ago that includes  Gay and Lesbian couples who choose to get married  as deemed by law.

The right-wing however is also using Ms. Davis as a way to portray so called persecution for by “the Left” yet ironically this is the same right-wing who claims that this is a Nation of Laws and a decision by the Supreme Court  would especially be something that those of the right-wing would be expected to follow, yet in this particular case Kim Davis is flat out being expected by her right-wing fans to flout the law and continue to violate and oppress the civil rights of others.  Imagine for a moment that the Supreme Court would have ruled against Gay Marriage yet a Clerk in a liberal part of the Nation would have handed out marriage licenses to Gay Couples regardless of the law, I am sure that Kim Davis and those of her ilk would have been outraged that the law is not  being followed which once again shows the hypocrisy of the right-wing.

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