GOP Debate or Funeral?

By Alberto Pupo

The show is officially underway. The GOP debate kicked with a bang. In a stage with 10 men there was not a single valid idea. As each man involved tried to pander to a different segment of the base. This debate however did prove that the Republican party is not a rising force, but it is a party that is clearly going the way of the Whigs right into extinction.


The debate was full of bluster and Hilary bashing. Among the verbal fireworks the substance of any sort of coherent governing policy was lost amidst the sea of bragging and vague promises. Conservatism as a philosophy inherently demands that nothing changes therefore we continue to get a retread of tired ideas sometimes interrupted by the dead_gopnaive and contradictory talk of the non-politicos in this case Ben Carson and Donald Trump. The average American however was hard pressed to find any new ideas or policies that may actually prove to be helpful. As a party though it is clear that the unity which is a Republican characteristic was not evident in any sort of coherent party plank and this can prove to be fatal in a general election.


Pundits will try to declare winners, but on this evening there were no winners but instead degrees of losers. Which individual managed to have the most credible responses to quite frankly inane questions (The appeal to the Lord at the end was priceless). Th sad truth is there were no winners in this debate just a bunch of wealthy, white men, who harbor a desire to lead our Nation, on the stage stood a collection of egos trading barbs and personal attacks each trying desperately to outdo the the other. Quite frankly this debate was further proof that the GOP is a dying party.

2 thoughts on “GOP Debate or Funeral?

  1. I agree, last night was pathetic. About the only coherent one was John Kasich so he will be eliminated soon. Trump, right out of the gate promised to make trouble if he wasn’t the candidate. Scott Walker came off as a programed robot, saying that he would not allow an abortion even if it meant the life of the mother had to be sacrificed. He also mentioned the 100K protestors (teachers) he defended the Capitol against. Walker failed to mention that these “protestors” were the same people he had sworn to govern rather then the dangerous terrorist he protrays them as. I think Walker’s days on the campaign trail are numbered. I would not be surprised to see a drop in his polling after last night.

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