What is behind the “Trump Surge”?

By Alberto Pupo

Trump leads the polls! Trump continues to gain a following! The Donald Trump lead and surge is indicative of a couple of realities when it comes to the current state of the GOP. The first reality is that it shows that Americans will do whatever it takes to move away from a politician. The second reality is that the GOP is a party that is truly on its deathbed as it cannot unite under any sort of leadership. These two realities are part of the New America where being a politician is a liability and where it might be necessary to establish I-Hate-Politicsanother major party.


Politics, the word itself creates instant nausea among the average America. It conjures images of wealthy, well groomed liars making elaborate promises that they never keep. Our Nation has had a long falling out with politics and every new generation politicians become more reviled. Instead heroes and idols are sought in different industries and fields, Movies, sports, music, business, science our society looks to certain individuals from each of these fields in hopes of some sot of guidance in hope of “straight talk”. Trump is a man whose political ideology is ever changing with the wind. A narcissistic individual whose basis for policy ideas is to rely on his “gut” rather than any coherent sort of philosophy. This speaks to the average American who lacks any form of ideology and ideal and whose ideas more often than not are contradictory in nature. It is because of this that so many are jumping on the Trump bandwagon ( those of a more rightward persuasion no progressive minded individual is hopping on that train). Because of this intense dislike o for anything political the Donald with his off the cuff ignorant statements hold a special sort of appeal as a man with no handlers who is just saying what is on his mind much like most reality TV show characters that are fawned and admired over by the average American. The craving for some sort of non- political authenticity is what is behind the “ Trump Surge”.


Leadership, the GOP is a party with no leadership. So many candidates are trying to take the party down their very own ideological road but none of the paths are particularly appealing. Once a party where it adherents tended to vote and think in lockstep with one another the current climate betrays and environment fraught in dissent and wayward policy. The GOP is going through an identity crisis, Are they a pro business center- right party? are they a social conservative party? Are they just slightly a cut below fascist? Are they actually fascist? The path of ideology for the gop is splintered in as many directions as they have candidates in the forthcoming primary and if there is no strong unifying force which emerges the party will ultimately head the way of the Whigs.


2016 promises to be an interesting political year. It is a yea where the very notion of conventional politics in America is fighting for its life. The Washington Consensus is dying and in this turbulent void what will be the new consensus? Will politics in America forever be splintered in factions with no coherent set of ideologies but instead rule by whim and fancy? Is this as Thomas Jefferson once desired an America where how we govern will ultimately change every 17 years? The 2016 election will help answer many of these questions and perhaps

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