A Greek Tragedy

By Alberto Pupo

Greece, once again your attempt at Democracy becomes a tragedy at the end. After an uproarious and jubilant rebuke by the people against the bankers, the EU basically tells Greek fuck the people Austerity is here to stay. A Party which had promised a “new deal” for the people instead has found itself defeated and having to beg the bankers to give them greece-austerity-apanother bail out. The deal is once again a neo-liberal beauty chockfull of Austerity and much more privatization to come, the saddest part about the Greek Deal is that only a few days before the people had completely repudiated this deal. Yet how dare Democracy stand in the way of Capitalism right?

Austerity has been devastating much of Europe the last few years, but one of the hardest hit countries has been Greece. In an effort to receive bail-out money to correct the mess created by the likes of Goldman Sachs for example. The Greek people have been suffering a reduction of service, an economy that has spiraled out of control, and general pain known as austerity. With a new leftist party in command and a confident new leader the Greek people felt like things were about to change. In fact when Democracy triumphed over Capitalism for what seemed like a mere moment in time there was an amazing happiness that could be felt by every citizen on this planet who believes Austerity to be nothing more than a sham so that corporations can further begin to erode governments by the people for the people. Alas this dream has turned into a nightmare as Merkel and Germany played hardball till the very end and as one anonymous source said” The Greeks were held to this new deal by gun point”.

Democracy has lost again. The people are now in anguish as the bail-out deal will only bring more misery to the Greek people. Not to mention the very idea of the referendum via popular vote has been undermined as the people voted against Austerity but now find that their vote has been nullified as politicians who are supposed to represent them capitulate. This capitulating may also affect the forward progress for leftist parties in Greece as they will be seen by the people as duplicitous for giving in an simply handing over the keys to the kingdom. The only losers in this situation are the Greek people as they must now deal with more harsh Austerity measures that will continue to make live a living hell for them.

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