We Are All Trumped!

By Alberto Pupo

For decades he has cried wolf, teasing and prodding a media hungry for his arrival. As of 6/16/2015 Donald Trump the man, the myth, the legend himself has decided to step into the circus that will be the Republican primary. His announcement designed to steal the “Bush Thunder” was chock full of Reaganisms all the way down to his campaign slogan. Trump was meandering and controversial and naturally banking on something verydonaldchump

important the stupidity and lack of political knowledge particularly found among those who Donald chump will be voting in the Republican primary? Can the “Donald” win this primary? Many scoff at the idea, but then again an actor can’t be elected President twice right? What about a semi-illiterate cowboy? This can’t happen this is America right? Uh oh….. 

Trump’s announcement is shocking, mainly because for once he is not just pulling some half-baked publicity stunt or simply trying to garner ratings for the upcoming season of the Apprentice. Even at this point many detractors still claim this is nothing more than an even more elaborate ruse (he has not officially filled out paperwork). However, this announcement shows a Donald Trump more serious than ever actually declaring his candidacy. In a very busy and unexpected 2015 especially when it comes to presidential politics this should not come as a surprise. However many are dismissive can this man win? He has already declared himself to be “the best jobs president that God has ever created.” A statement which is already highly revealing about his narcissism and it is this overblown theatrical style that can prove to be a liability or will it?

Trump is a reality star. Yes while he may have no coherent platform or set of well measured or thought out ideas, Donald Trump has one card which gives him an edge, and that is that he has been a reality television fixture in America for a while now. Sadly in a Nation where vapid imagery is more important than actual policy, it is because of the fact that he is recognizable and the image he has crafted in the “Apprentice” that he has a shot at siphoning votes. The average American is not a very political beast, and Trump offers them a compelling superficial narrative. Here is the “quintessential Capitalist” a man who is wealthy and successful therefore he must have that Midas touch.” Never mind his business career was chock full of failures and bankruptcies (because in America who needs to sweat the small stuff). But he is rich and has money. That is all the average American with not political knowledge will see. Trump will gain a lot of votes on the reality celebrity factor alone.

The Trump candidacy will test the political mettle of the American people. Remember that the first people who will be tested are those who identify as Republicans. These are individuals who more often than not vote against their interest and are motivated by selfish acts view our Nation. These are the types of people who will cast a vote towards Trump and see him as the second coming of Reagan. Keep in in mind Conservatives live for the larger than life myth and their persona political hero happens to be an actor whom they elected twice. It may sound crazy, but maybe just maybe the superficial glitz and glamor will win over rational thinking, sadly if we don’t take this serious reason may be trumped in the end.

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