From Indicted to President?

By Alberto Pupo

Should the indicted run for office? Rick Perry has entered the fray. The man famously known for not knowing which government agency he would abolish, and who has been going through a bit of “legal trouble” has officially entered the presidential race. While this entry into the race does not come to a surprise to many the fact that he is currently still trying to fight an indictment is a bit shocking. How can a Nation that is supposed to be a8-19-2014-james-richard-perry-booking-photo model for the world allow an candidate not just run for political office but to run for the Presidency of the United States? What happened to morality and the rule of law? Does this not apply evenly?


Rick Perry is still under indictment and this is a fact. However despite this he is still running for office. The incredible thing is that most of the corporate media seems to be mum on this inconvenient truth. Yet this is something that the people of this Nation should be hammering on him a lot harder. If any minority in this nation would even consider running for dog catcher they would be immediately disqualified from pursuing any form of elected office. Yet how is rick Perry justified in even making this attempt? The savvy Conservative will off course scream a strict constitutional view where any other moral fitness test outside the basics of age, residence, and citizenship should be immediately dropped? So is this to be the new deal? Can a man indicted for a variety of crimes simply brush it off while awaiting his fate at the hands of he judicial system? Or should a society based on logic and reason perhaps demand more?


Guilty until proven innocent. This is the basis for our legal system and it is on this basis that Rick Perry is most likely hanging on to. Yes he is under indictment and no jury of his peers has judged him to be guilty, however a man under such a cloud of legitimate suspicion should at least have to prove himself innocent if he is to run for elected office? What if he were to enter the fray and actually pull a miracle win the Republican primary to complicate matters what if he has won and is then called to face a jury, and is then actually found to be guilty? These are hypothetical scenarios (especially a Perry victory), however a man trying to hold the highest office in our Nation should not be heading into office with such a hypothetical disaster waiting in the wings. The simple solution in this case would be to make some sort of extra requirement, one based on common sense where a man or woman under indictment unless having been cleared by a jury of his or her peers.

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