David & Gillian Kiss on Stage; Mulder & Scully Return; What You Must Know Before the X-Files Reboot!

By: Leane Pupo 

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

X-Files Actors Dating or Publicity for Reboot?

I can’t take it anymore. I am an extreme X-Files fan. The show is brilliant and the actors are amazing. There is no greater pair than Mulder and Scully. However, the serious internet explosion, comments, and questions have lead me to write this.

First of all, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are not Mulder and Scully. Everyone that is trolling them and wanting them to hook up should understand this. Do I feel they have a very interesting bond? Yeah. Has it matured over the years? Sure. Do I think they may hook up? Why not. The point is, they are not fictional characters but real people. What they do on their own time is very different than what is written for them. Just like their personalities. Sorry if I burst some bubbles. The rumors that they “hate” each other in “real-life” are also false. They have an email relationship and see each other during events a couple times a year. Both these statement came from the actors!

With the newest chapter on the horizon, The X-Files Reboot due to air January 24th, 2016, there has already been much hype. Add the fact that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson kissed (twice) during an encore at his show in the Cutting Room (NYC) on Tuesday (5-12-2015), a gig to promote his debut album “Hell or High water,” and fandom is squealing everywhere. FOX has even taken it upon themselves to use the “reunion” as a publicity hype. I don’t blame them. With the ease of access to information on the internet and social media, we will begin seeing A LOT more of the actors under scrutiny.  The actors themselves have even tweeted each other about doing more gigs and cute “love” messages. They know what they are doing. They know there are being watched. And it is brilliant! This is the time to promote the show, the album, books, and more of what they are doing for charity, etc.

With that said, I have also seen some really ignorant comments of “fans” that I need to put to rest. Sorry is there are “spoilers”:

Some have said, “Finally! We have waited 20 years!” when they saw the real-life kisses (more like friendly pecks), and “They never did this in the show…”

Really? You obviously have not watched the show or the movies.

1)      Mulder and Scully established their relationship during the original run of the show.

2)      Many near kisses throughout and affection displayed (See “Triangle” for a kiss and an “I love you” from Mulder… See “Small Potatoes”… See “All Things”…Watch the “Fight the Future” movie).

3)      Finally, after Mulder gets abducted in the Season 7 Finale (and through Season 8), we learn they did have a physical affair.

4)      They had a baby. His name is William. He is now about 14. They have a very long kiss while holding their son in the Season 8 finale.

5)      They live together in hiding in the 2nd movie “I Want to Believe”. They are in bed together. They make-out at the end. She says she fell in love with him and would do it all over again. She says they have a home together, blah blah. They also “run-away” in a tropical scene during the credits…. Just watch it!

6)      Chris Carter says they will have evolved and matured their relationship since the last time we saw them living together (2nd Movie)… I have heard some people say “Oh No! Don’t break them up!” Uh… If you are living together with someone and your relationship evolves and matures… I hear Wedding Bells, not a break-up.

7)      Expect to see them have on rings and we skip a Wedding. Which would be AMAZING to skip. Yes, I am a shipper and a true MSR fan; however, with 6 episodes we do not have time for a wedding. Also, it would be as pointless to me as the wedding scene at the end of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. We know they love each other! Don’t waste screen time!

8)      Also, a full on “sex-scene,” as many have called for, is again pointless and time consuming. The only justification is if there is something that is “X-Files-ish;” like Mulder being controlled by an alien and Scully realizing it post-coitus. Want sex? Read fanfic. You will not get more graphic than that on the show (I can even guide you to some great ones).

9)      Expect a return from William.

10)   Read the comic books from IDW. It could give clues as to ways Cancer Man can come back. After all, the bastard was blown up with a missile in the last episode and we see is flesh flail off.  Chris has already confirmed something “X-Files-ish” is afoot to justify the return of a corpse.

Vent Over.

If anyone else can think of things I missed in this Must-do and Must-know list before the Reboot airs next year, please feel free to comment.

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