Why Some Feminists Can Ruin Everything and Miss the Point on Equality: A break-down of “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” as a case in point.

Is the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Anti-Feminism?

Is the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Anti-Feminism?

By: Leane Pupo

Am I the only one that finds it ridiculous that it is a “Feminist” that is whining, crying, and bitching? As far as I know, those are very negative traits that are stereotyped as being “female.”

I have come to defend the Avengers for those claiming they are anti-female. I have also come to make some bold statements about people, in general.

“All men (and women), are created equal” is a load of crap. If you believe this, you are in complete denial, naïve, or a moron. This is the reason communism is prettier on paper and not easy in the “real-world.” I WISH we were all equal. We are not. There are biological differences in not only men and women, but in physical traits, and mental structures among race and ethnicity, too. There is also mental illness and disease to account for. This, however, does not mean we do not deserve SOCIAL EQUALITY! In that sense, in the aspects we can CONTROL, all men, women, and races ARE created equal. This is what we need to strive for. This is the equality we need. You cannot control hormones, skin color, or sexuality. You can control pay, freedom to believe, justice, rights, responsibility, healthcare, and education. We can control compassion, sympathy, empathy, respect, tolerance, and humanity. We can embrace our differences and not see them as an impediment. They do not make us less human. In fact, they make us more so.

Now to dissect the “anti-female” Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie. SERIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD:

1)      Black Widow was not prominent in the film.

  • She was one of the most prominent characters.

2)      There were not a lot of strong females.

  • Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
  • Hawk-Eye’s Spouse (played by Linda Cardellini)
  • Dr. Helen Cho (geneticist)
  • S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent Maria Hill
  • Scarlett Witch

3)      They didn’t have Paltrow or Portman in the film and their characters (Pepper Potts & Jane Foster) were bragged about by “their men” (Ironman/Tony Stark and Thor).

  • Paltrow and Portman are huge actresses and either did not fit into the budget or so much was going on it would have been nothing but a cameo.
  • The bragging was not about “who was hotter” but speaking about how wonderfully accomplished these women are that they were too busy to be simply “dates” for their “boyfriends.” This speaks volumes! You are talking about a Ph.D. and the CEO of Stark Industries. These are brilliant and powerful women and role models for anyone.

4)      Black Widow cried about not being able to have children, was swooning over the Hulk, and blah blah…

  • Natasha Romanoff was recounting her “terror dream” that Scarlet Witch smacked her with. She was simply recounting her back story. The irony is that these “terror dreams” made all the Avenger men sullen and weepy and scared. Her take? Cowboy up, we have a job to do! She was the ONLY Avenger that did not dwell or let the backstory or fear weigh her down.
  • I also do not care what gender you are, you can get emotional over a trauma (See Scarlet Witch below).
  • Some women choose not to have children. Some women can never have children. Maybe Romanoff never wanted to be a mother, but the fact that the choice was ripped from her at a young age… yeah, I’d be pretty damn upset too. What if a man lost his testes? I’m pretty sure he’d cry.
  • Black Widow was so freaking forward with Hulk it was unbelievable. She was not shy. She did not conform to the man asks out the woman, or blah blah… She straight up was like, “give it to me.” Banner/Hulk was oblivious but not to the other characters that Romanoff was strong enough to demand what she wanted, even getting ribbed about playing “hide the zucchini” by Stark.
  • When Banner came to rescue her, he wanted to run away. She kissed him and pushed him over a ledge. “Man up, Banner! We need the Hulk! Let’s finish this!”

5)      Maria Hill was weak…

  • Maria Hill was the first to draw her gun when Ultron first appeared. She’s a badass. No weakness here.

6)      Dr. Cho was easily brainwashed….

  • Uh, we have seen the scepter in action before. ALL the men in the first Avengers fell easily and had to get it slapped out of them.

7)      Scarlet Witch had a break down and Hawk-Eye said she could fight or have her brother (Quick Silver) pick her up and take her to safety.

  • Scarlet With was not displaying “female weakness and being scared” she was displaying what is more typical of PTSD and a flashback to the terror she and her brother endured as children.
  • She quickly got her bearings and became among the best fighters, easily ripping robots apart and saving lives.

8)      Scarlet Witch showed emotion when her brother (Quick Silver) was shot…

  • Again, gender is not important here. Her brother would have lost it just the same.
  • She took that rage and ripped Ultron’s heart out.

9)      Last but not least, Hawk-eyes pregnant civilian wife… she was in the kitchen… she was at home taking care of their kids… blah blah…

  • Why is it a problem for a woman to be pregnant? I am pretty sure Hawk-eye does not have that ability… It’s as if seeing a woman pregnant is offensive to those women that claim to want equality. Men do not get pregnant! It is one of those things that is a biological inequality that you cannot control. If you are married or have a partner and want a baby you either adopt, or the woman gets pregnant. Even if she was not pregnant during the movie, would it have mattered? They obviously had two other children… she was pregnant at least twice before!
  • It is also offensive to say that a woman should not be home taking care of the kids. A true feminist, would leave it up to the woman to choose.
  • It is also wrong to assume that she does nothing else but stay home pregnant and watch the kids. Can’t she have a job? Maybe she goes out to work
    while the kids are at school. Maybe she works from home. Maybe she is writing a best-selling novel. Maybe she is a neuroscientist and is on maternity leave. And who do you think takes care of the farm while Hawk-eye is out fighting badies?
  • We saw her in the kitchen, and the living room, and outside, and in the closet, and in her house. My bad… must be because she’s a woman… BTW did anyone else notice that Nick Fury (a man), like all the other Avengers, was also in the kitchen? Someone said he was helping with the dishes.
  •  She told Hawk-Eye that the Avengers needed him to go out and fight. She was certainly a strong woman holding everything together and telling her spouse to go fight.

I find it insulting as a woman and a comic fan, to hear men and women, alike say this was an anti-feminism movie and that the genders were not regarded equally. The females were outnumbered, true, but all in all, they were the most brilliant and well-put-together characters. They fought like true heroes and did not dwell as long as the males did. And come on, the whiniest and sullen of all the characters was the HULK. I also think it is impressive that a “tiny woman” can take the Hulk out of Banner but that it could not be beaten out of him with brute force. Black Widow is impressive in her fierceness and fearlessness.

Open your mind. Those that harp on little things in films and the media and claim they are skewed against women is one of two things; truth, or a matter of interpretation. If you are so hung-up on this idea that everything must be against women, then you are very narrow minded. Step outside of your box for a moment and consider differences in individuality, embrace them, and change what matters & can be changed. Be tolerant and be respectful. Be human.





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