A Grand Irony

By Alberto Pupo

A white woman, black man, and white man enter the 2016 presidential race who is the progressive?


The response may shock many at first glance, (naturally those who understand politics are not surprised), however to the average American the answer maybe quite shocking with a twist of irony. Bernie Sanders the whitest and oldest of all the 2016 presidential 6a00d8341c652b53ef0148c77cf9c3970c-800wicandidates is also the standard bearer for the idea of progress. Meanwhile the white woman and black man represent some of the most reactionary political views akin to something found in a more misbegotten and savage era. This is why politics and life in general is so ironic.


Last week’s announcement of a Bernie Sanders presidential run has taken social media by storm (even some traditional media outlets have weighed in). His candidacy has raised a large amount of money from small donors and is basically showcasing a progressive platform which is exiting the every day average American. The source of this very progressive platform is a long time public servant who is the oldest declared candidate and happens to be a white man. This is a grand departure from recent political history which has featured white men with a regressive mindset and a penchant for xenophobia and racism. Bernie Sanders ironically despite his very traditional ethnicity and advancement in years represents a Hope that President Obama only spoke about at a superficial level. Bernie Sanders is the Hope and Change we have been waiting for in American politics.


This week however after Bernie Sanders’ inspired announcement has by contrast featured two individuals which represent the opposite. Carla Florina, the failed Hewlett Packard CEO has decided to throw her ha in the ring since apparently 2016 may be prime time for a woman to win? (if Hilary is in she figures why not). Yet despite being a woman Florina represents regressive conservative views. Dr. Ben Carson, who announced his candidacy on the same day on the surface would represent a second black man becoming president of the United States. However Dr. Carson is highly conservative and his ideas would nothing more than turn the clock back and bring to the highest office of the land really primitive ideas that will stymie progress.

So as it stands now in a twist of irony the woman and black candidates respectively which should represent change are only promising a horrible regression. Meanwhile the very representative for progress and change is older than many of the generation who holds these ideals, quite ironic indeed.


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