The Kochurian Candidate

By Alberto Pupo

With the campaign to 2016, the Koch Brothers have found their man! Ever since The Citizens United decision to sell our democracy for dollar bills, the Koch brothers have been attempting to control government by throwing money at politicos to do their bidding. Now with 2016 approaching the brothers have been desperately trying to find their very own “Manchurian Candidate” who will essentially make them the de facto Presidents of Scott-Walker-Image-998x792the United States.  With the current crop of candidates in the Republican Party being so ideologically driven on a personal level the Kochs are trying to coax someone who has already been very loyal and in their payroll for quite a while. The man that the Koch Brothers wish to anoint is none other than their man in Wisconsin Scott Walker.

Wisconsin the birthplace of the Progressive Movement and a state which has been devastated under the reign of Scott Walker. The last few years have seen Wisconsin plummet in many aspects especially economically due to the rampant mismanagement.  With the aid of Koch dark money Walker seized power in Wisconsin and has brought much woe and pain to the Middle class of a once proud Progressive state. Unions which were very powerful and were a great boon to the Wisconsin worker were decimated under Walker’s reign of terror as he signed legislation to destroy them in the name of Koch industries. Walker is a man of very little personal ideology and drive and will simply follow the money all the way to bank. Because of his willingness to sell himself to the Koch Brothers he has been rewarded with great electoral success and was even able to avoid being recalled when most of the state did not want him in office.  Due to his success the Koch brothers have a vision to move beyond controlling a single state and have now their eyes set to claiming the prize in 2016.

Walker is highly unqualified and much of his ideas are already handed to him. Walker is a lapdog and a very obedient one at that and because of this the Koch Brothers have already made their intentions clear that should he enter the presidential race officially that he has their full support. Because of Citizens United the amount of money the Koch will be able to funnel for Walker will naturally be obscene. This vast amount of capital will then be employed in crafting a Nation-wide version of the slick propaganda campaign that led him to victory in Wisconsin. If this is successful the presidency of the United States will essentially belong to the Kochs, and the outcome will completely destroy what is left of the Middle Class and create an inequality gap that may take decades to recover from once the Walker presidency comes to an end. Such an event will set
our Nation back decades of Progress and the United States will suffer.

One thought on “The Kochurian Candidate

  1. When is all of America going to wake up to the Kochs? They are the ruination of our country and my only solace is judgement day.

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