About Time…

By Alberto Pupo

Cuba is coming off the terrorism list. An island Nation 90 miles away which has been at war with America long past the fall of the Soviet Union. The embargo on this island is a failed, vindictive, col war relic that is thankfully and mercifully being put to an end. Yes while an individual with the last name Castro rules the roost it is about time that this cuban_american_flag_v2-2-325x200situation comes to an end. Despite the fact that the Government has not suddenly adopted “market capitalism” this is a necessary step forward. There is absolutely no reason for normal relations should not exist between both Nations considering the Cold War has been long gone for a long time and only the people of the Cuban Nation are hurt by the embargo.

When President Obama decided to move forward and begin the normalization of relations most of America has been on board.  While the reasoning between the left and right differs in its rationale the case remains that a majority of Americans would like to deal with Cuba and its people as if they were another Nation. The vocal right-wing who opposes this (ie former Batista supporters living in Miami), has been trying to send a message that America as a Nation should not trade with a Nation that does not embrace a market economy, however the ironic thing is that while so much mud is slung at Cuba the United States happily deals with China, Saudi Arabia Bahrain, etc. Nations which don’t exactly have a sterling record of promoting “democracy” in their society. So why have we constantly been making an example of out of Cuba? Why the refusal to deal with a Nation 90 Miles away that in reality has not engaged in any attack against the United States. The traditional approach to Cuban-relations has never made any sense. In fact much of the approach is based on a Cold War warrior mentality that by all intents and purposes should already be declared dead. However the vocal minority which holds a lot of sway over the Conservative politicians in Washington has been lobbying for years so that relations remain the same and have been successful till finally this year things have finally changed for the better and President Obama has decided to move forward and strengthen relationships.

Cuba is finally coming off the terrorism list. This action should finally prove to be the catalyst to end the embargo once and for all and establish normal trade relations with an island that has been punished for decades for no other reason than it was a t one point a satrapy for the Soviet Union. With this new mindset change relationships can finally move forward and the Cuban people may actually get an opportunity to improve the conditions of their Nation.

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