2016 Snoozefest

By Alberto Pupo

The 2016 electoral campaigns, they are but a year away but you can definitely see a lack of excitement.  While Conservatives are poised to put on a disgusting display of outrageous sound bites and comedy filled gaffes, Democrats have all but stopped trying to pretend that anyone will challenge Hillary. In fact even with the ongoing “email Ghazi” wordpressscandal manufactured right before her impending run Hilary seems to have the 2016 nomination on lock. This notion of such a predictable campaign has already alienated all progressives, and even some die-hard Democrats. A Hilary coronation before the fight even begins will ensure an abysmal turnout, and it is during years of abysmal turnouts that the political landscape takes a strange shaping (2010 and 2014 elections respectively).

The 2016 elections are almost here and there is no excitement. When it comes to politics discussion s are not even on the table as Americans have retired to the usual fodder of celebrity gossip and frivolous news about the impending Frozen movie. In this backdrop thirty or so Republican candidates have begun their posturing each spewing the usual outrageous sound bites and most importantly showing their fealty to the wants and desires of the 1%. The biggest fear Republicans have in 2016 is the Hilary Machine (formerly Obama’s machinery). This sophisticated and battle tested group is ready to engage in a fundraising and blitz in order to buy the nomination and ultimately the presidency. The sad truth is there no real fighters or individuals who want to stand for the Progressive cause and those that do like Bernie Sanders who do have the will to fight have admitted to not being able to raise the sufficient Capital to play in what has become a game for the aristocracy in this Post Citizens United World.

While Americans have always been notorious for low voter participation, the situation is bound to be worse because of a lack of “inspirational characters”. There is no 2008 Campaign boasting Hope of a better tomorrow instead it almost seems like the 2016 Campaign slogan will “Hilary 2016: because why not”. To a Nation that already despises the political process a lack of political vision (even if on a rhetorical level), is going to ensure that voter turnout is at an all-time low, and in this sort of scenario we may even see one of the  competing conservative clowns become the new denizen of 1600 Pennsylvania.

So what is the solution? How can there be little excitement manufactured for this race? Well sadly there is no clear cut solution. A candidate with an alternative Progressive vision can only be competitive if we start to get money out of politics (or at very least start by overturning Citizens United). The average American wants to feel that they can make a difference, they want to feel that they do not need a billion dollar investment to insure that they can have a public servant represent their needs and not a self-serving politician. The only way to channel excitement in 2016 is to find some sort of authenticity, someone who will return the idea of public service to government and not simply have political office be a vehicle for self-enrichment, in other words a Miracle.

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