Partisan foes now friends?

By Alberto Pupo

Senator Bob Menendez, a Democratic Senator and on the cusp of being charged with corruption by the Department of Justice. Typically news about the downfall of a political nemesis would be something that the Republicans would be ecstatic and cheering endlessly, while pointing fingers and looking for the freshest of Scarlet letters to pin upon his lapel. Yet something strange is happening in this case, instead of the usual round of bob and marcoattacks, the Republican colleagues are actually setting aside partisanship and coming to the defense of the Senator? Is this some sot of miraculous goodwill? Have they set aside all differences? Or is is it that they simply can take this event and have it seem like the Obama Administration is bearing a grudge? That suddenly because of foreign policy disagreements this is simply Obama administration with a personal axe to grind using the power of the DOJ to bring down a member of his own party?


Ted Cruz is calling this politically motivated. The potential corruption investigation of Senator Bob Menendez, is currently being transformed from what was originally a right-wing smear campaign (Daily Caller and Dominican Prostitute features) to what is now Obama’s DOJ’s ultimate payback since Mendez has opposed the Administration on some points such as Cuban Relations and Iran. Suddenly Republicans who would typically be part of the attack and at one point would have gladly connected the Senator to allegations of underage prostitutes are now scoffing at the corruption scandal that potentially involves higher Medicare reimbursement rates for a big time campaign contributor. Once again the current Republican actions are not authentic attempts to preserve the Senator’s reputation but instead is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to take it out on the President Obama, in fact this backhanded defense of Menendez is further proof that there is an obsessive agenda against this President.


The sudden defense of Senator Menendez by the right-wing is simply another example of the lengths that Republicans will go to justify their outright hatred (and what at this point must be conceded as racism) in regards to the current siting President. In times of white lily leadership the right-wing would be gleefully pushing for Menendez’s ouster, (after all it would mean a potential Republican seat). But once again this defense is nothing more than outright and open attack on a most hated President.

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