The Politics of Irony

By Alberto Pupo

Irony! That is the current state of politics today.  The Department of Homeland Security, Bush’s pet project, the ship that launched a thousand wars, is being denied funding by Congressional Republicans. Has the world gone mad? Have the hawks simply embraced irony alerttheir more dovish side? How can a Department which did not exist until the beginning of the Bush monarchy, suddenly be denied funding? Have they seen the error of their ways? Do they want to make amends to the American people can give away with a department that for more than a decade dedicated itself to internal suppression and destruction of American Civil liberties?  The answer to all these burning questions is unfortunately a little more mundane.

Homeland Security was brought into our world by a wily Texan with a penchant for blood lust. For years we the people were constantly subject to the torment and surveillance of a Department which was nothing more than a modern day version of the SS. During our era of pseudo patriotism and internal war mongering, the Department of Homeland Security was a proud brainchild of the Republican Administration. Yet recent actions show that this once proud vanguard of the war of terror is now being threatened to be shutdown. The main reason comes down to a hatred of Immigrants and the President. When President Obama took action on stalled immigration legislation and passed an Executive Order based on common sense, conservatives saw this as the apocalypse. They warned of the endless tides of Mexicans and ISIS warriors (via Mexico) that would be flooding our Nation in a reign of terror. Yet by refusing to fund Homeland Security Republicans see this as a light at the end of the tunnel to stop Immigration reform and stem the tide (while simultaneously sticking it to the black man). This new battle is however horribly ironic for to kill Immigration they must kill the department which from 2001-2008 brought such gleeful joy and oppression.

The solution to this ironic quandary is simple. For once the Republicans have right idea, Let us Shut down the Department of Homeland Oppression, after all it was anew department expressly created to further lead a war against American Citizens, however before shutting down let’s separate the INS once again into a separate Department the way it was for a long time before Bush ever started tinkering with our government.  By once again having an independent INS e can allow them to close down the DHS and finally let us be rid of a useless agency of oppression.Politics is riddle with irony, and this latest Republican tantrum is once again a grand indicator. Once again a Republican dominated legislature is refusing to fund a Republican created Government agency. This is quite the irony and quite telling about a group whose politics are based around ineffective governance in order to discredit government in general. It also shows how far a group of people are willing to go due to their irrational personal vendetta against President Obama

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