Endless War?

By Alberto Pupo

War…. This seems to be an ongoing part of the fabric of our Nation. America prides itself on a fierce and powerful war machine, and when there is no enemy in sight or one is nearly defeated (Al Queda for example), there is always a necessity to create a new enemy. That new enemy is what we so lovingly call ISIS. A group of young jihadists, with endless-wara blood thirsty penchant for dramatic beheadings broadcasted around the Globe via the internet. While they are but a small ragtag group their visceral violence has been enough to elicit responses from National governments (for example the Jordanian king). However in a show of restraint and surprising maturity America has not been falling for the bait that is until recently. Now after avoiding the conflict the Obama Administration in order to placate the War Machine has been proposing a war on ISIS, so now we have entered a debate on whether or not we should further feed the war machine or simply stay out of this farce of a war.


Obama wants to wage war on ISIS. After being criticized heavily for not getting involved in Syria, there is now a call to arms. With the latest violent episodes, the Obama Administration has finally caved to the War Machine, a proposal will now be hotly debated, and it will fall into the hands of Congress whether or not to send our war weary Nation into a war that will span the globe. The danger of this war is that it does not encompass anyone Nation. Rather than striking or invading a single location this war is being waged on a group. This is dangerous, as members of ISIS are not inside a single Nation, nor are they a unified legitimate government (in fact they are nothing more than the latest version of the Muhajadeen, even armed with American weapons surprise.. surprise). So now a Republican dominated Congress (who loves endless war) will have to make the ultimate decision. However the only hope we have as a Nation is that their hatred of President Obama is more than their love for the Military Industrial Complex.


So once again after what seems like a state of endless war, we as a people are facing a potential war which will only undo all the economic recovery and once again plunge us into domestic uncertainty, economic collapse, and an atmosphere of rabid patriotism ala Bush era. War always brings out the worst in the American people especially if there is a clarion call to arms, and there is another atmosphere of fear created (color coded alerts anyone?). Hopefully this nightmare can be stopped by Congress, hopefully anti-war voices like Alan Grayson and Bernie Sanders can stop the hawks from plunging us all into madness. Can we the people prevail over the war machine?

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