Time for a Change

By Alberto Pupo

Tomorrow is MLK day, a Federal Holiday and a celebrations of a civil rights icon. Yet in 2015, as we are about to engage in this celebration there still people in parts of the Nation (typically but not always of the southern persuasion) who revel in the use of the N word and still wax poetic about the majesty of the “boys in gray”, and something rising. Yes in 2015, there are still people who act as if the year is 1815, and there are still whispers of the “negro problem”. However many suggest this is not the case and that we live in a “post modern America” they constantly point toward the fact that we have a “black president”, yet even with all that being taken into account there is still amazing amounts of disgustingly vile racism even the “black president” is not spared of this venom. So as we mlk_day_mediumprepare to celebrate another MLK day we should really evaluate the philosophy of the man and see what we as Americans can do to live up to the creed of not judging based on the color of their skin.


Racism, is a disgusting viewpoint of those with an authoritarian bent. In the deep south this mindset continues to flourish, despite the fact that our society should have progressed. The virulent racism permeates throughout much of the Tea Party, sadly this is the year 2015, and this racism is still present in our society. In 2015 there is still talk of a Congressman which has ties to White Supremacist leaders, for example (yes Scalise we mean you). The current President is still described in terms of vulgar racism and being compared to a monkey. This last year the racism has even permeated throughout law enforcement as there has been a recent problem with white cops shooting or killing African American men such as the tragedy in Ferguson and in New York city. These incidents are unfortunate examples of how racism continues to plague American society.


Tomorrow is MLK day, and once again as a Nation we can reflect upon his ideals and philsophy. We are in the year 2015, and as a society which ams for progress we need to do away with this petty, absurd notion of racism. We need to set aside this pettiness and try to embrace progress instead of regressing into a mindset that only harms and scars our society. We as a Nation need to acknowledge there is a problem, and then we as a Nation must fix the problem.

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