The Boys are Back in Town!

By Alberto Pupo

Congress is back in session, after a time of idling (which they love). So now they are back and more Conservative than ever with the Senate under Republican control. With snow falling over the Capitol, in a rare appearance the new Congress swears to stand for injustice, the rich, and all that is wrong in America. Now they stand ready to govern, ready to make sure that America languishes for at least the next two years.

 The legislative proposals came fast and furious. Another not so veiled attack at “Obamacare”, another push for the Keystone environmental destruction plan, and finally that old time classic from the New deal era, attack Social Security at all cost. Brand new2015-01-06-NBC-NN-NewCongress1_0 Congress same old shit. Outrageous attempts to destroy the poor and middle class. Further attempts to strengthen the rule of corporations and the ever illustrious 1%. Once again Congress will ignore its constituents and strictly stick to old standbys and finding new ways to make America a hellhole.


With the same old dance one must wonder why these cretins even run for public office. Clearly, public service is nothing but an empty campaign slogan, while the true modus operandi is personal enrichment, and to gain personal power so once they leave they can take their advantages and become extremely valuable commodities in the private sector. These cretins are nothing more than mouthpieces for the wealthy and Corporate Robber Barons , who have only one desire to get fucking rich! And step on everyone and everything. They get a certain thrill as they cut programs for the needy, orgasms when they slice through environmental protections, if it were up to them everyone but the wealthy can just simply die… yet why do we still vote the bastards in? Are we masochists? Or simply apathetic masses enslaved to to the pop culture grind?

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