Clash of Generations

By Alberto Pupo

Progress… have we moved forward as a Nation in 2014. Sometimes it feels that way as a 55 year old cold war against an island Nation may be coming to an end.. but then there are time where we seem to be devolving into a highly racist society, in which state power is being used to kill minorities. The year also featured a Nation aware of legislative gridlock who has decided to go back and reward the group of people who have done nothing but obstruct legislature and shutdown the government. As 2014 rides into the xysunset, what will 2015 bring for America? Will we see a move more akin to the progressive thinking executive behavior we have sen recently. Or will our nation fall back to a pattern of vicious racial inequality or other regressive type of behavior. We stand once again at a fork looking for the best path.


America is a Nation at constant stalemate, this is especially true in our Nation as of today. America id Nation where sometimes progressive ideas can come to the forefront. Where the people feel that our society is ready move forward. Some examples are the great strides made in acceptance of the gay community, yet this is nullified by the great hatred that has been developing towards African Americans (at least where the police is involved). This bipolar notion of simultaneous regressive and progressive policy is clearly highlights the problem in America today.. The war between conservative and liberal generations has finally exploded to a boiling point. America today is the byproduct of a “Clash of Generations”.


The millennial generation is only beginning to find its political footing. They are the largest and most diverse generation in American history. Their desire for an equal and just society is a trademark of this generation. While the Silent Generation is dying off their world view is being preserved by a smaller yet politically vocal faction… “Generation X”. Generation X was a response to the Baby Boomers a Generation that embraced free love. Generation X felt betrayed by their parents and instead came into the world of politics under the sway of Randian Capitalism, and old St. Ronald Reagan. This Generation while hipper and cooler, preserved a lot of the selfishness and greed that was a trademark of the older generations slightly less conservative on social issues, they are a greedy lot, as you will find that a lot of Tea Party leadership hails from this generation. They only believe in one God and that is Mammon. However because they are carrying forth the torch they have the full financial support and blessing of the dying more conservative Silent Generation.


The stage is now set as the next decade will feature a battle for the heart of America between Generation X and the Millennials. One Generation representing a step forward for America, while the other represents a throwback to a nastier time and a step towards an imperial America. Under the Generation X world view Corporations will run and brand us all, government will be only for purposes of war and to protect corporate rights. Inequality of the Nation will rise to new highs. This is a very important struggle and one that the Millennial generation must win if our Nation is to survive.

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