Too little too late…

By Alberto Pupo

Congress vacationed, idled, and was constantly mired in gridlock for what has been nearly three years. They have barely passed any legislation, and passing a single budget was something akin to the tragedy of Sisyphus. Yet the last week something strange has happened, where once there was idleness and deadlock, now was a sudden surge in productivity. Suddenly out of the ashes arises an omnibus of legislation, the result of pent 140805142519-congress-one-word-word-cloud-story-topup legislative goodness bursting forth… Yet somehow we the people can help but find this to be terribly wrong? contrived? A genuine cluster fuck indeed. Congress has gone from legislative apathy to a new found artificial productivity which will ultimately do more harm than good.


With topics as diverse as marijuana, to fattening lunches, deregulation of Wall St. et al.. The new monstrous bill is trying to make up for years of lost time. Yet this massive bill is simply throwing out many damaging pieces of legislation that will have long lasting effects on our Nation. For instance this bill features yet another assault on campaign finance (or any hopes of it). In this case wealthy donors will now be able to exert even more influence on the overall election cycle, so that they can completely manipulate the next electoral cycle specifically in favor of political leadership which will continue to cater to the needs and desires of Corporate rulers. Once again Congress is not representing the people.


The omnibus spending bill is an example of a desperate an unpopular Congress to try and leave some sort of legacy. Congress wants to give a false sense to the American people who have been living in political apathy that Congress is still necessary. Congress fears that any failure to act will simply solidify their place in history as what they truly are the most unproductive Congress in the history of the Nation, a stigma which will not only affect members of this congress in any potential presidential ambition. But despite the current theater the truth of the matter is that this incarnation of Congress is the most unproductive ever.

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