End Corporate Media Now!

By Alberto Pupo

War, blood, death, and devastation, America this what we are fed every day. The corporate media as of late has been on a roll talking about the “ISIS threat”. The latest blitz is trying to hammer the point home to the people that the threat is very real and manufacture a new coalition of the willing to engage this new found enemy. This march for war is quite tiresome. The media instead of focusing on how we can improve our Nation, is too busy focusing on the next beheading video or sensationalist bombing escapade. indexThere seems to be a concerted and coordinated effort to keep us from asking about how to improve the issues that plague us



If one were to follow the reporting from corporate media outlets one would think that the United States is in a very precarious situation. Many will believe that there is a vicious group of terrorists ready to storm and attack our shores. In order to boost the media propaganda right-wing politicians like (Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for example). Will get on the air and start to spout out apocalyptic theories. The push to an all out ground war against both Syria and Iraq is a current pet project of the Right-Wing, who desperately wants to see another war so that Americans can forget about what an absolute failure right-wing policies have been especially when it comes to domestic issues. The Right is ever so desperately tying or to elevate the level of fear to 9/11 like heights, hoping for a sort of panic induce turn to the Right, because the way our nation is heading and because of the newer generations the mindset is getting ever more progressive.


The traditional role of the media is to challenge the consensus. The original philosophy of the media is to raise awareness and report the truth to the people. This may be the case of the independent media outlets, however when it comes to the corporate media the modus operandi is simple keep the sponsors coming. Corporate media outlets are beholden to those entities which pay for their time. Corporate sponsorship and control of the media forces a self censorship among media organizations as to engage in tepid reporting. Corporations love the very notion of war, therefore the media rather than scrutinizing the reasons our nations engages in war only acts a a cheerleader for more war. This was the mindset that was very prevalent during the 9/11 era and it was a mindset that was thought to be gone of course until the latest battles with ISIS.


What our Nation is is a true Independent Media. There needs to be a return to probing questions and an attempt to report the truth no matter how unflattering it may be to corporate sponsors. The media has a duty to be an advocate for the truth and help the people of this nation be able to see truth for what it is no matter how difficult it may be and what consequences the reality of it all will have on our Nation. We the people need to ask and demand for an independent media. We the people must learn to ignore and basically boycott any media sources who are more interested in protecting the corporate empire rather than genuinely doing a service to our society as a whole.

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