By Leane Pupo

Sitting in traffic sucks. There is no more sophisticated way of putting it. It just sucks. Reading license plates and bumper stickers becomes your daily reading material and, potentially, a little game. You can identify different people in society and their views just buy their car and what they stick on to it. How they feel about certain issues, politicallspay-neuter-peopley, socially… Are they proud parents? Are they Metal Heads? Surfers? What about the Animal Rights Activists?

I love animals. They are nobler than pretty much anyone I have ever met. They love unconditionally; something we, the greater beings, have not figured out. However, they are animals. They do not kid themselves, like we do, and they procreate… a lot. So sitting in my car, reading the material posted on the bumper in front of me and I see “Save Lives… Spay & Neuter” with a cartoon dog and cat.

My Facebook page is littered (no pun intended) with friends of mine showing cruelly treated dogs and cats, strays, and “pets” that are neglected and abused. They are working towards educating others about responsibility. About saving the lives of animals and ensuring that pets are “fixed” to prevent inhumanely treated animals.

I think this is a great idea and I agree. Yet, I also see a major irony. Why is it so damn hard for humans to do the same thing? Why do we make it so difficult to not only educate others on safe sex and pregnancy prevention, but to allow someone to decide, “I never want kids”? Yes, there are several people I can think of that should be forcibly spayed/neutered and have that choice taken away from them like we do to pets… But that is truly not the point.

I would like to know why we cannot teach responsibility and make it easy for an informed couple, or individual, to “fix” themselves. I met a young lady that had 3 children. She was 24. She was an amazing and loving mother. Married. Well adjusted. She and her husband (the father of the 3 children) wanted to get her a tubal ligation. They decided they were done and their family was complete. The doctor on the other hand, informed her that she had to be X years old and have had like 5 kids to make that choice. Really?

I was told the same thing after having had my 3 children. I just cannot help but wonder how many people out there, do not want any more children, cannot support any more children, and we not only make it VERY expensive, but tell them… “Oh yeah, sorry, you can’t be responsible and get ‘fixed’.” Any hospital with a religious affiliation will not let you do a tubal ligation or vasectomy. Other doctors impose their own religious beliefs and talk you out of it. Then there are the doctors that either want the quick buck (PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THEM) or a misinformed on an arcane “rule”. There are doctors that will give you a formula about how many children you are supposed to have by a certain age to make the choice… Seriously?

Then we have families with 8, 9, 10, 15, children and we do not let them have easy access to birth control, education, surgery… Simply said, we do not give them the knowledge or choice. Why?

I understand there are couples that want many children and can financially support them. I also know there are people out there that choose to not use birth control because of their religious values. However, I am not ignorant enough to not understand there are individuals out there that simply DO NOT want any more children, or any children EVER!

We will have sex. There will be accidental pregnancies. There will be people that cannot (or should not) be parents. Why do we make it hard? Why do we not teach sex education? (Did you know that abstinence only sex-ed does not work? – I’ll make sure to publish another article on this one). Why do we not allow easy access to birth control? Why do we make it so difficult to be informed and have a choice about our bodies and our lives? Think about the amount of children that are out there not cared for, neglected, abused, murdered… human strays… That is just depressing to me.

Why do we not save human lives and spay & neuter?



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