Thank You Congress!

By Alberto Pupo

Dear Congress,


Thank you for gracing us with your presence. We the people feel honored that you have served us well and delved into a very difficult two week period of attempting the process of legislating us into a brighter future. We are grateful to have have diligent public servants who are in no way obstruction will in the process of governance. Because you work so us-congresshard in governing it is understandable that today you have ended your session and will now embark in an arduous 6 week break in order to “campaign” for the opportunity to retain your job after the election.


The work you accomplished these past two weeks has been amazing In fact it has been so amazing that it seems that after an almost 8 week summer vacation our legislative body had not missed a beat During this two week period rather than dealing with issues of inequality, environment, or immigration reform, there was much time spent in debating hunting down “terrorists”, engaging in denying climate science, discussing Benghazi (again), and allowing Corporations to further fleece us. These are worthwhile accomplishments and we hope to reward you further after November.

Congress does so much for America and we often do not give its due respect. There is nothing like a group of Corporate bought and sold legislators wasting our tax dollars, engaging in a whole lot of sound and fury and resulting in nothing. This particular brand of Congress will be known for the time being as the least productive one of all time. This Congress will forever hold a special place in our hearts and being an inspiration to all of us. Hopefully this November we can give some of you a gift of a permanent vacation.






The People


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