NEWS FLASH: WE ARE ALL SCREWED! How Everyone is Stuck on the Same Lonely Floating Rock in Space

By Leane Pupo

I woke up today and heard the news that Scotland is sticking with the rest of the United Kingdom. Some may ask, after hundreds of years of bloodshed, culture clash, and visionary differences, why would Scotland vote to stay? Is this another re-count issue? Was the election rigged by the Evil Queen? Is this Stockholm Syndrome?  peace20on20earth20hands

I do not often take political stands on anything or speak openly. Not because I am frightened by my own views, but because I am frustrated by all the bickering around the world. I do not mean to sound ignorant nor naïve; however, when the hell are we all going to put down the pitch forks and pick up the pens? I realized many, many, years ago that we are all stuck on this same rock in space. This is our home and we ALL share it.

This is not to say that we do not have a bunch of assholes sharing this beautiful planet with us. I strongly believe there are people on this planet that need to be strapped to a rocket and sent off beyond our galaxy (that evil moron Rush Limbaugh is one of the prime examples). Or strapped to the bottom of the rocket and incinerated upon lift-off… Rush, I’m still looking at you.

With that said, why not fix the problems and come to agreements? Why do we separate from each other? It’s like a vicious divorce without looking first to any common ground. All because we marry or are a part of something much larger (a family, a city, a country, the world…), does not mean that we lose our identity or culture. I am married and took my husband’s last name. Yet, I damn well know who I am, where I came from, and what I want. I just negotiate terms with my husband. We do not always agree, we occasionally fight, but we work through it and find what will make life easier for the good of all of us.

Why bring up marriage? Because it is a tiny scale of the rest of the world. We need to find out what is best for our children and the common good. Vote, talk, negotiate, and agree (even if begrudgingly). Pick your battles (no bloodshed, please).

There is no reason that we cannot work together for a brighter future for all. I do feel EVERYONE should have a voice and no one should hold the sword. If you do not like something happening in your home, town, state, country, then speak up. Get others to join you and make your voices heard without violence. I am sure that things can be accomplished.

I am proud of Scotland for their votes. This was a great example of how each person counts. Now the proper thing to do would be for the United Kingdom to listen to everyone that voted to separate from the UK. What can be done to make things better (and no, a tantrum that we just hate you, is not an option)?

We need to realize, like it or not, Black, White, Asian, Native, Islanders, Mix… we all share the planet and we all have the same basic desires and needs; health and happiness. Stop complaining and feed the world.

One thought on “NEWS FLASH: WE ARE ALL SCREWED! How Everyone is Stuck on the Same Lonely Floating Rock in Space

  1. Very well put, Leane!! Bless you; bless us all! (and can we have a moratorium on “God bless the United States of America” as ending to every single speech?!)

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