Time to let go?


By Alberto Pupo

So here we are again singing a familiar refrain! America is back in action in Iraq. This week airs trikes have been authorized over Iraq. The target? Cobra… er ISIS (the latest terrorist organization of the month). This time the agenda is different and has a new twist. Wheres as the original assault in Iraq was to “ spread democracy”. The latest venture offers a more human twist in “stopping genocide”. This time the motive seems to have a less selfish and imperialistic tune, yet underneath the new shiny coat the motive still 1407532785000-iraq-airstrikes-explainedunveils one basic fundamental truth, We as a Nation simply cannot stop the urge to Bomb Iraq. It seems that for all the spin the “lessons of Iraq have not been truly learned and once again we are stumbling into an abyss.


Iraq has been an American stomping ground since the early Nineties. For almost thirty years our nation has been embroiled in some form of active conflict against this nation. Sadly the truth is that Iraq is a helpless situation. It was a Nation invented by the British empire as they combined and mashed up individuals of different cultures, religions and ethnicities and randomly mixed into a single country. America became involved because of the love of oil and protecting corporate interests abroad. Because reality is very harsh and ultimately selfish, the Republican administrations that followed justified invasion first as wanting to get rid of an”evil dictator” When that mission was ultimately accomplished Iraq became a trough for various military contractors to illegally make money and siphon billions of dollars in reconstructing a Nation that we bombed to oblivion. The rebuilding was a long, arduous and expensive process which cost American lives and drained our money help to further spiral our Nation into recession.


President Barack Obama, vehemently campaigned against the War effort. In fact it was his speech against the war in the 2004 Democratic Convention that mainly ignited his career and led him to winning two terms as President. Our President took every possible chance in letting us know just how bad the Iraq venture had been and eventually removed the combat troops somewhat ending the maddening war for oil. However here we are again, it seems that the temptation and blood lust has not full abated. Suddenly a President who once decried this war has now authorized air strikes. The move has been a shock to some considering this is a President who as a senator never agreed with this war.


The entire process has been recently escalated as the President released yet another statement calling for a more indefinite time line of involvement and potentially more military action. In order to mitigate any damages the White House clams that there will be no combat troop despite the new long term strategy, However because of this sudden change we never quite know how far this will as our history with Iraq eventually boils over into a larger scale conflict and we may potentially have a third Iraq war on our hands.


Once again America has reentered the fray in Iraq. Once again our Nation has decided to engage in a senseless civil war in which we truly have no understanding as to what it all means. While the spin may be different and the agenda may seem to be more like a “humanitarian issue”, the sad and basic truth is that we as a Nation can’t seem to quit the blood lust against Iraq. Why can’t we as a Nation simply step out of a situation that does not truly involve us. This is something that needs to be done before we further jeopardize American lives and damage an economy that is just now beginning to truly recover.

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