Back to Iraq?

By Alberto Pupo

Back to Iraq? Like a bad flashback it seems that there is widespread sectarian violence on the rise. Upon hearing of this the Neo Cons are salivating at the thought of another war. A chance to redeem themselves for the absolute waste of human life and finances. The American people for the last decade have been trying to move away from this quagmire. b2ilogoWhy is there this sudden rise of violence in Iraq? Is this an unhappy coincidence ? Or is there more to the sudden emergence of this “terror group” onto the scene?

The last three years has seen the American military moving away from excessive war (slightly). There has been talk about budget cuts, and reducing the size of the military. This however does not bode well for the “Lords of War”. CEOS who run the massive war machinery are fretting as their purchasing power has been getting affected (meaning they can only afford one sports car rather than two). Because of this the Lords of War are getting a tad desperate. In order to once again reignite a war the Lords of War need to pick a target that would be the easiest to launch a war in. Enter Iraq an unstable collection of warring factions that due to a previous’ Empire’s meddling has caused many woes for the International community. Knowing that Iraq has this chronic weakness to fall apart, the Lord’s of War simply made sure that their weapons become available to Syrian newcomers Isis, and with this plan we may now be moved into another war.

The Obama Administration is being pressed from all sides. The Neocons who have been dormant and defeated now feel re-energized and are once again teaming up with the Corporate Media Cheerleaders who originally helped moved our country into a most terrible mistake. The Obama Administration luckily has manged to fend off some of the pressure but not without political bruising, battering and bullying from the chicken hawks in the right. So here we again it is 2014 and we are still faced with the Iraq question, a question that should have long been settled

Besides the obvious international ramifications and a way to feed the war machine, the reemergence of Iraq can also have a huge impact in the midterm elections. The right-wing will once again try to desperately bring up the “patriotism issue” and try to steer any gullible voters into voting against their interest and bringing forth the party that will fight for America’s oil! er.. Pride. This will ensure a right-wing take over of Congress and a path towards not just back towards Iraq but to any other location that may suit their whim and fancy.

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