A Deal With the Devil?

By Alberto Pupo

The Deal with the devil? “ Five high end “ Taliban prisoners freed in exchange for one miserable POW!


Oh the humanity! Stop the presses, call for impeachment! Start the hypocritical rantings from an old dinosaur who was a POW himself! The Bergdahl situation is the latest craze. After Benghazi, and the IRS “scandal” turned out to be a bummer. After their inability to milk the VA “scandal” the Conservative movement has found its new scapegoat Idaho Hometown Of Released Army Solider Bowe Bergdahl Celebrates His ReleaseBergdahl. But what does this exchange really mean? Is it an indictment at the recklessness of the Obama Administration? Or is it an indictment an the Bush Administration, and further proof that the “War on Error” was nothing more than an expensive bloodletting at the expense of the American people.


The only POW captured in Afghanistan has been released. In most Nation’s (if not all), this is an occasion that calls for celebration and relief at the notion of a young life being spared. This in America is not the case. The problem once again arising because of the means that were used to justify this end.


That nasty little word “Taliban” was dredged from the lexicology of the Bush era. 5 “evil prisoners” from Modror er.. Guantanamo were released back to the world! Most of them served Sauron er.. Bin Ladin, and are automatically ready to make a Jihad upon release! Hyperbole aside let’s look at this critically.


The War on Error is over. The Bush Administration hoodwinked this country and used this war to enrich his choice Corporate Buddies and maintain power over a Nation for 8 years. Guantanamo holds a collection of people presumed to be terrorists their accusers The Bush Administration. The truth is with all the lies being spun who is to say as to the true nature of the individuals released! Where they even “terrorists to begin with?” Remember the accusations were coming from an Administration that rigged an election, caused a tragedy, launched two wars and tortured people under auspices of “National Security”.. in lay mans terms big fucking liars! With that being taken into consideration the 5 terrorists released um.. how bad are they really? Again there is speculation on all sides since most documents and information that may relate to their crimes (real and imagined) are most likely redacted and thrown into the fire that is “National Security”. This blanket catchphrase(that undermines the Freedom of Information Act) will shield and keep secret the true nature of the prisoners.


Republicans ironically enough seem to be the only ones truly worried… even John Mccain whose story is very much like Bergdahl and should be thrilled about an American soldier coming back home, has turned on the whose situation claiming once again that the President is endangering National Security. The reality is that the two previous scandals are waxing and waning and time tis ticking elections are almost here and the damage needs to be done politically. Not to mention any time Americans forget about the War on Error dredging up the subject is used as fodder to further manipulate the gullible American Public (still crowing over Kimye or whatever cutesy name they go going.)


There is no scandal in saving a life. The exchange was made simply because there is an ulterior motive to bring some sort of peace to a country that was attacked for Poppies and Oil pipelines. Time to move on past Afghanistan, The Taliban, and any remnants of Bush’s Little war. Time to move on along.

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