North Korea and the Tea Party: Birds of a Feather?


By Alberto Pupo

Tea Party and the North Korean Government, two very different types of people? Or birds of a feather lovingly flocking together? The recent remarks from the North Korean  Daily about President Obama sounded terribly familiar. The racist screed when translated to English conjured up images of the Tea Party faithful and comments made at Tea rallies. teapartysign1sm1 Naturally the shared antipathy towards black people also diverges in the antipathy the two feel for each other.  This is just another fine example of horribly ironic life can be and how cognitive dissonance plays a role in our world. Th comments also show once again  the fallacy of pure race theories  and how divisive it is in our world.

The comments coming out of the North Korean News Agency  about President Obama were horribly racist.  The comments were repulsive and inflammatory with no merit or substance it was straight up racism in such a fashion that should not be tolerated. Yet the comments coming from a  Nation as far flung as North Korea hit  very close to home. The language and wording was very similar to comments and racial slurs made by our National homegrown racist Tea Party. While many have found the commentary to be offensive one can wonder if secretly Tea Party members are nodding in outright approval at the horrific language directed at  black people in general.

The North Korean Government like Nazi Germany is well known for its Aryan like invectives and world views. Purity of race is a big issue for the North Korean government and a mixing of the races is definitely something that is shunned in that society. To North Koreans they are of a supreme racial stick and every other race is viewed as inherently inferior. This mindset is not very different from the White Supremacist (and Tea Party sympathizer), the two racial groups  share this bond in their hatred for any other races  outside of their own. The grand irony is that while both agree on the views expressed against black people t, they will find themselves in opposition as North Korean also feel the White race to be inferior, while White Supremacists are also very racist against the “yellow people”. This ironically enough creates a circle of hatred where everyone feels it is their race that ultimately rules supreme.

This sort of racial diatribe in 2014 only serves to point out the absurdity of racism. There is a misguided attempt from  certain sectors among each race to prove their race “supreme”.  Yet science has put this “pure race  theory” to rest. The fact of the matter is everyone on this planet has already intermixed  at some point. There is no such thing as a “pure race” and racism is nothing more than a crude device to attempt to gain some sort of supremacy. The truth is racism is nothing more than a fantastical whim and notion. That bring said it is embraced by the North Korean Government and the Tea Party as these two groups definitely live to embrace the fantastical.

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