Affirming Racism

By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court has affirmed Racism. 2014 this is our Post Racial America, The Nation’s High Court decides to take a look into a case involving Affirmative Action. For the last two decades there has been an assault of Affirmative Action which has pretty much weakened the entire notion. At first blush many will agree to end Affirmative Action. The 0917-affirmative-action-protest_full_600Supreme Court tries to justify their decision in that by going against “Affirmative Action it will help avoid race resentment. This line of thinking and rationale is quite interesting. The Supreme Court especially in its current incarnation has been working hard to erode laws and measures that were used to protect minorities. Prior to this Affirmative Action case the Supreme Court allowed it so that Southern States can once attack the Voting Rights of African Americans. The justification behind these decisions comes down to the fact that Obama is President.


However the reality is since the election of President Obama we have not seen an improvement in race relations but instead have actually seen a spike on racism. Keep in mind that before “Obamacare” even became an issue most potshots at the President concerned the fact that he is half black. Sadly this Supreme Court has been using its power of review simply to take the current Post Obama racial surge and institutionalize it. By creating legal precedent that will in effect Affirm Racism in America.



The principle of Stare Decisis, is what governs our Nation. Precedent is the heart of the law in our Nation. When a Court affirms a decisions more often than not future decisions will be bound by that Court. The Supreme Court is essentially the most powerful Court in the Land. By voting against Affirmative Action in their recent decision the Supreme Court is essentially taking the step of sanctioning racism. With their most recent decision the Supreme Court has established a precedent that race and ethnicity should no longer be taken into account for college admissions. A first glance not giving a racial preference seems to be the right call. However with our current political climate taken into consideration this is a mistake. In America today there is a quiet desperation among White Conservatives to be able to go back to the days of Jim Crow. This deep racist element also has a lot of power and wealth, it was responsible for the creation of the Tea Party and for funding the thousands of White Supremacists groups that are still alive and kicking in the United States. If race is not factored in at in college admissions what would happen is that minorities will essentially be denied any form of college education. This is the dream of the White racist Conservative.



Post-Racial America, this seems ironically enough to be the argument of currently racist America. Their justification to erode the civil rights of minorities is fueled by this ostensible notion that Racism is Dead. However how can they truly believe this. Look at how race is still a factor in voting rights, look at the slurs and depictions of the first black president. What about the Tea Party? Or the racist Stand your Ground Laws which are nothing more than an excuse to legitimately shoot minorities. There is no Post-Racial America,  America still continues to suffer from racial tensions and issues even though it is 2014 and society should have progressed already. This Supreme Court Decision will once again only prove a detriment to minorities and strike a blow again true progress in society.


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