Draft Ben Carson in 2016?

By Alberto Pupo

Gifted Hands, yet politically ignorant. In an effort to tout diversity (and insult every African American in the process). The Republican Party is desperately trying to paint it’s white shiny face black! Since 2008 and the election of the first  President with a background other Caucasian, the dying Republican elephant has been trying to showcase diversity.
Yet this latest call to “draft Ben Carson” betrays a couple of things. Firstly that the Conservative Movement does not understanding a thing about embracing diversity . Secondly that the The Conservative Movement is  desperate.


The Conservative outreach movement started during the George W. Bush era, when in order to show some sort of diversity they placed African Americans like Condelezza Rice and Colin Powell. Through the inclusion of these individuals in high level positions within the Administration, Republicans felt that they should receive in return the African American vote.


However in 2008 the candidacy of Barack Obama changed everything (no pun intended). Suddenly despite their attempts to purchase the African American Community, they realized that it is more important to vote into office someone who would potentially be more aligned with their values and political outlook, rather than a geriatric old man (John Mccain) and the vacuous running mate (Sara Palin). With Palin the outreach program was still in effect this time by trotting out “Mama Grizzly” any liberal woman was expected to quickly shift allegiances and support a woman whose political perspective is pretty much as anti-woman as it can get. Ye the Republicans were feverishly counting on American political ignorance and the sell of a woman (regardless of belief or ideology) in the White House. As history clearly shows the experiment was an abject failure and alienated many women from the Republican Party and Conservative movement in general.


The 2012 election cycle continued the trend of pushing individuals who fit a role but in reality, did not fit with the majority viewpoint of that particular gender, race or ethnicity. During these elections we have the short and brief interlude that was Herman Cain. In yet another attempt to grab the African American vote Cain presented himself as the “Anti-Obama”. He was an entrepreneur, a man who was living the “American Dream”, the hope that through “hard work” and “dedication” any individual in the poor or middle class can transcend and become wealthy. This idea is the crux of why The Republican Party still has any support (that and the last remaining social conservative strain). Herman Cain was again another shallow example of the Conservative Movement trying to offer a non-white president, yet ultimately the ticket for 2012 could not get any whiter as the the final selection was ultimately Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.


In the upcoming 2016 election the candidate slate seems pretty thin at the moment. The “minority credential” that was initially sought after was to push Marco Rubio. However Conservatives are backing away from Rubio as they realize that he does not have enough broad appeal within his very own ethnicity. Because of this they now turn to Ben Carson whose book Gifted Hands has been widely ready by school children across the United States and who has incredible medical credentials as a very gifted surgeon. Yet credentials aside in the political world Carson touts incredibly backwards ideas. He is in favor of a flat tax system, and is a scientist who denies the nature of evolution. Ben Carson is also extremely anti Gay and Lesbian and has made remarks against them. A Ben Carson Administration would be an extremely Conservative one and very much aligned with the Ta Party world view. Yet this is what the Republicans want, they want a celebrated African American whose ideas oppose African American voters, yet want to insult them by going on the basis that African American will vote for another African American regardless of political platform.


Conservatives are desperate. The Republican Party has been going the way of the Whigs for some time now. This attempt to draft Ben , couple with this amazing fund raising via a PAC is further proof that despair is at the helm in the Republican Party. As 2016 approaches they still find a large leadership vacuum and a lack of strong candidates that would help them take the White House. The even sadder fact is that Ben Carson has never announce any intentions of running instead it is a desperate leadership and party membership that are hoping for his entry to the race as they look for a hero in 2016.


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