The Decision 2014 Edition


By Alberto Pupo

No this is not about Lebron James….

With their most recent  Decision The Supreme Court once again takes another aim at Democracy.
If you thought Citizens United was bad well the sequel is a hell of a lot worst. This time the fuck-you5 Conservative Bastards in the Court take their shot at all of those making below a billion dollars.
You do not mean anything unless you are wealthy! In fact this little gem came to our attention, it is an original draft of the Majority Opinion as penned by Scalia…. enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

Dear America,

Fuck the poor and Middle Class! Look Corporations are the heart and soul of this Country.
They are what makes America, America. Objectivity? Fuck you… I am appointed for life… in case you morons do not know what that means it means  until I am cold and dead I run this  show!

What the average American fails to understand is that I am the Law!  Corporations can do whatever the fuck they want and you know why? Because it is all about the Cash! I am often sick and tired of all these whiny pissants, complaining about this and that when the truth is “Get a fucking job”.

Corporations have made me the man I am today! I am finally honored to work with a Court that gets it.
Chief Justice Roberts he finally gets it! This is what I have been waiting for, the Day America Incorporates, The day that we the wealthy own your fucking soul.

So here goes America! There is No Democracy! It is all about the Corporations.

Fuck You,

Antonin Scalia!

P.S. I need more booze!

One thought on “The Decision 2014 Edition

  1. With one decision and the time it takes to fill out an application, we can say a great FUCK YOU back to the oligarchy. We can end the effects of Citizens United and McCutcheon, by not participating in a political structure that accepts corporate donations. Join us and leave both the red and the blue pill FAR behind.

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