Democrats to become the New Conservatives?


By Alberto Pupo

Conservatism in America is dying. With 2016 approaching the Republican Tea Party conglomerate better known as the WTF Party, are once again proving that they are out of touch with most of reality. CPAC, the annual gathering of Conservative ideal, values and hypocrisy, was further proof that this movement is going the way of the Whigs. With Sarah I am a Media Whore Palin giving a rousing Keynote speech it felt like a nail in the Paradigm-Shiftcoffin for Conservatism in America. What will happen in 2014 and 2016? Will we see one Party continually dominate the political landscape? Will the Modern Day Conservative Movement throw the White flag? Will Sarah Palin ever go away?


Republicans are wondering why they can’t win an election. Then CPAC just happened and all their questions have been answered. The truth is America as a Nation has had a massive paradigm shift. Conservatism in the traditional “family values theological insanity slant is pretty much dead. Conservatives only manage to survive based on economic theory and the “hope of capitalism”. Conservatives are also still alive because of “fiscal responsibility” and scaring the hell out of the average American with the big D (debt for those not in the know). The truth is propaganda aside Conservatism is pretty much dead Americans have been too lazy to give it its proper electoral send off that is until the most recent elections. But with Conservatism going the way of the Dodo, what happens now? A one party state would lead to a Totalitarian Regime. There will no longer be a dissenting world view. Well there is an answer to all of this.


Democrats, since the Republicans have all but vanished have become the new Right. What this means is that the overall general political spectrum has shifted. What was once considered a left of center view has now become mainstream. What will happen is that a new party will emerge pushing Republicans out and Democrats to the Right of the spectrum. A new Progressive Party embracing a more leftist world view will rise up to provide the yin-yang counterbalance that is needed in the American two party system, (because let’s face Americans will never be able to handle multiple parties). With the new left counter within the next few years as the Republican/ Tea Party head the way of the dinosaur, expect a schism within the current party. Already we can see this in current Representatives like Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren for example. Individuals who are currently labeled Democrats will find themselves aligned with a more Progressive political world view. Meanwhile those of the more standard Democrat variety will dig in and conserve their world view making them the defacto Right of the future.


So where does this leave psychopaths like Ms. Palin? Well the truth is that individuals of this stripe are going to become politically extinct. In a few years expect Sarah Palin and the Tea Party to be a footnote in American history like the Prohibition Movement, and the No Nothing Party. As current Democrats become labeled the new Right, and a New Progressive Party emerges the Republican Party will vanish and a new different America will emerge. Yes there will still be a more conservative faction in America except this time Conservatism will have a little bit of logic and reason to it.

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