The State of the Union: A Bright Future Ahead?


By Alberto Pupo

The State of the Union is bright and hopeful. Yes pessimism still clouds our political landscape. Yes Congress still cannot enact a single piece of legislation. Yes there is a stark inequality in America. However at the end of this bleak road there is a light. The fact that Nationwide Americans seem to be rejecting the status quo and that the Millennial bright-future-aheadGeneration is becoming more actively involved in politics is a source of optimism.

The State of the Union Address was nothing special. It once again spoke of inequality in America and what must be done. Again it was another lea to an inert Congress to please pass some sort of legislation, any legislation will do! The responses to the State of the Union Address were vacuous platitudes from a Right-Wing which is making a last desperate stab at retaking America don a path of wanton Fascism. They spoke in generalities and it was much ado about nothing. Clearly there is a leadership vacuum as we head towards the 2016 Election. It seems like most Generations of Americans have given up on the political process completely. Instead the current political leader rather revel in lobbyist cash and perks and self indulgent behavior than representing the people of this Nation. As it currently stands a dark cloud of cynicism is weighing down our politics.

Enter the Millennial Generation, this is a generation that became immersed in the political world during the Dark Ages of Bush Presidency. This is a Generation that during their late High school and early college years saw the country that they love turn into a war mongering empire, waging a nonexistent war of terror all across the globe. Meanwhile back at home the Constitution was constantly ignored and society lived in an atmosphere of severe political repression, fueled by a Corporate Media. They saw that Government could in fact be used a tool for mass evil. However through this darkness the Millennial Generation, which happens to be the largest and most diverse generation in America today, saw that there is a chance to turn it all around, to make America Great and a Nation which embraces equality. Now the time to act is now, as the older half of the Millennial Generation has finally reached an age where they can become involved in public service and in the creation of progressive public policy. The time has come for the Millennials to take the reins and out of the darkness move us into a New American Renaissance.

The last almost 40 years now have been a dark age for America.  The Nation has become embroiled into a culture of greed and war. A private sector has gone wild and has taken over a Government that should be working for the people. Our current leadership has become immersed in narcissism and have become adherents to the Cult of Mammon and the Goddess Apathy. Yet the tides are shifting and with the Millennial Generation reaching an age where they can make a difference and become involved in the process there is a Great Hope for True Change. So while the State of the Union at the moment might be bleak, its future is very bright indeed!

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