Yes America, This is an Election Year!


By Alberto Pupo

New Year, same old agenda. With the coming of another year it is obviously clear that the Conservative Agenda does not change. Only a few days into 2014 and the song remains the same, attack workers rights, attack women and minorities, attack health care anything and everything that can benefit the people. The agenda is clear, only the 1% and election2014their agenda matters! 201 is an election year, granted it is a Mid-term Election but once again there is an opportunity to fight back via the ballot box. However unlike the debacle of 2010 the American people need to be savvier and fight back. 2014 cannot be an election year based on low voter turnout because it is that type of mindset that allows more conservative insanity to permeate our politics at a local, state and National level.

The Mid-term election. To most Americans this election year means next to nothing. Presidential Election years are the only years which Americans seem to show any interest in participating. Because of this lack of interest Mid-Term elections prove to be a grand spring board for insane politicians to enter Government. In 2010 this is when the Tea Party came in via a “mass electoral tidal wave”. Because of these mid-terms the agenda of Fascist Insanity entered the halls of governance in Washington DC. 2010 was a year where there was little to no enthusiasm in the electoral world and because of this individuals who are not fit for public service ended up taking office. With this a Modern No-Nothing Congress was created. Instead of forging legislation and moving the country forward, there was little legislation passed with the exception of the 53 votes to undo the ACA law (which has been law since 2010). This Congress has moved to the Corporation every beck and whim attempting to pass legislation crafted by ALEC with the sole purpose of undermining the people of the United States.

Now four years after that atrocious Mid-Term tragedy, there is another opportunity for the Nation to atone for its electoral apathy. The last three years have been but a glimpse of the ineptitude and straight forward Fascism from the Tea Party. To keep them in power would be a grievous mistake. The American people must work together to have the Tea Party contingent promptly removed from Office. Their regressive line of thinking will only move this County to a potential Civil War. We the people must remain vigilant the Tea Party after all is modeled after the Nazi Party and any student of history can see the terrifying parallels. We the people must fight against Fascism and we must prevail at the Ballot.

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