Practice what you Preach?


By Alberto Pupo

Practice What you Preach! This is a principle that should be the cornerstone for most of humanity especially elected leaders. As one grows in life and acquires ideology it becomes incumbent upon the individual to try to follow the same path that they preach to most of society. However this cognitive dissonance is something incredibly evident among Conservatives. This sort of mindset betrays the notion that they simply parrot words but are exempt from the path they are trying to preach and while this is constant it has become evident with some recent actions from a certain Floridian Junior Senator and 2016 aspirant Marco Rubio?

Better known as the “gulp seen around the world” Florida Senator Marco Rubio has often been touted as the “anti white remedy” to the GOP’s diversity problem. In his numerous speeches and media appearances Rubio preaches his quiet brand of Conservatism with a Tea Leaf Twist.. While not as insane as some of his better known cohorts (Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for example) Rubio still “preaches a silent gospel of hate”. Yet a couple of days brother Rubio in yet another political misstep betrays his principles for outright convenience Monday Marco Rubio actually signed himself and his family to the exchange and even accepting a subsidy! While many will shrug a shoulder and chalk it up to human nature, this is type of think once again shows the lack of principle on Rubio’s part. Here is a man that voted against the Health care Law numerous times and still continues to try to find ways to “defund it”. Yet now Rubio is actually going to take full advantage of a law that he wishes to deny access to the general American population. This line of thinking is unacceptable.

The Rubio anecdote is but a microcosm of larger mindset. Conservatives around the Nation routinely try to exempt themselves from the law. They often used government assistance while decrying those who do. Preach “family values” yet partake in actions that run opposite to their supposed beliefs. Conservatives in America feel that they are the only ones who have any right to any government benefit or perk while everyone is simply not allowed to partake it from it. Basically the mentality boils down to “I got mine screw you”.We the people of this Nation must hold them accountable and hold them to task when it  comes to the double standard.



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