Things to be Thankful for 2013 Edition

By Alberto Pupo

With Thanksgiving a few days away. We the people of this Nation can reflect and think about what we can be thankful for in the political world. Yes 2013 has been a rough year in American politic. It has been a year of many negative events taking place and also a non-election year so the attention spans in the political world was waning for most Americans.

But let us see what we can be thankful for in 2013….

The NSA has its Come Uppance- Privacy made a comeback in 2013. Edward Snowden’s spying revelations made many American’s realize that the NSA is completely out of control and need to be clamped on. They have also realize that we cannot afford to keep losing our privacy in this Nation.

 Elizabeth Warren- Yes Mrs. Warren has proven to be a fighter and she has truly arisen a progressive voice especially when it comes to taking on the Financial Sector in America.

Speaking of Progressive Voices- Alan Grayson, is once again showing why he should be a potential Presidential candidate in 2016. He is principled and stands with the people of this Nation. Whether you like his “attitude” or not one has to admit he is sharp and takes no shit, we need more politicians like Grayson backing Progressive causes.

America Stays out of Syria- With the Hawks ready to push another useless War. The Administration actually backs down as Congress in their only redeeming move of the year decide to back down from intervention in Syria.

 America tries to make peace with Iran- In a very quiet move in diplomacy. The United States actually trying to engage Iran in diplomacy is groundbreaking and something that can lead to more stability around the Globe.

 The end of the Filibuster- While it seems like a radical action, due to the mass obstructionism it needed to be done, because no longer was the filibuster simply a way to protect the minority but instead it had become a blunt tool to hold a majority captive. Also the lack of a filibuster will make elections more important as winning elections and gaining a majority now has added incentive overall.


Yes while 2013 has been a year much trial and tribulation for the American people, this Thanksgiving we ca at least be thankful for a few things

One thought on “Things to be Thankful for 2013 Edition

  1. As one of the leaders of the progressive movement i thought its about time we got to know each other ? Sincerely rich I run my Facebook pages like a newspaper there our five primary ones front page above followed by whistle blower, mother natures army, Lilith, and Rikki

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