A Move to the Center?


By Alberto Pupo

The return of moderate politics? A gooey center moving away from extremism?. The recent elections were said by many pundits to be a referendum on the Tea Party. Ken Cucinelli, narrowly loses Virginia and moderate Christie wins in New Jersey. Has America tired of extremism? The era of compromise making a return? Or is this nothing more than wishful thinking?

The Tea Party Revolt of 2010 has provided us with a new platform for Fascism. Koch driven billionaires aided by the Citizens united decision have been pouring tons of money into electoral contests in a vain attempt to take over the Nation.  Extremism seemed alive for a while the Tea Party poise to “take the country back”, then things started to fall apart. First the Deficit War that led to the Sequester which eventually led to the Government Shutdown. The American people grew weary. With the economy still puttering along, the new extreme was not doing much to help. In the end the little temper tantrum cost the economy 2 billion dollars. Once again the tax payers have been shafted by the ideological right and their dreams to destroy American society.

This last Thursday at the ballot box it seemed ostensibly that the Tea Party ideology had been defeated at the electoral level. Moderation and Centrist politicians seemed to win the day, while the radical Tea agenda was temporarily stymied. Yet was the agenda truly stymied? While radical anti-choice candidate Ken Cucinelli was defeated, his defeat was terribly narrow. This was signs that in the state of Virginia there still exist strong sympathies for the ideology of ignorance. Chris Christie while not as outwardly ideological is still very anti-Union and Pro corporate which are two views which the Tea Party cherish.

Unfortunately their death is being prematurely celebrated. The Tea Party while briefly chastised is still very much alive in American politics.  As it currently stands the Tea Party is still for all intents and purposes in control of the Republican Party. Recently Ted Cruz has taken the party’s ideological agenda of hatred to the Tonight Show were Jay Leno has given the Tea Party exposure to mainstream America who was probably hoping to simply catch some musician or Hollywood performer. The problem is that the Tea Party ideals have infected the mentality of the average American. Instead of being painted as radical, Tea party ideals of a Corporate Government coupled with social control have taken root. The average American has been led to believe that Corporations are the salvation of the United States and that we should embrace an atmosphere of privatization, militarization and corporate rule. For all of its “awe shucks” folksy façade, the Tea Party is still serving the agenda of the 1% who have provided it with the financial power to hijack a party.

The Tea Party is a major problem. They have effectively crippled governance in America to the point of dysfunction. Their mission while radical to many is now part of a mainstream ideal too many. This sort of hostile takeover has happened before in history, when a wily Austrian hijacked a Party that was supposed to be a “workers party”. The Nazi Movement like the current tea Party while maintaining a populist veneer was also bankrolled by Billionaires who were looking to use them as a way to control the Country. We the people must realize that this threat is real and very dangerous; the Tea Party is in essence a 1% creation to take apart our Government so that Corporations can rule over us with no accountability.

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