The End of a Criminal Action!


By Alberto Pupo

The game of fools is over! The Government Shutdown comes to an end ! The illegal Republican Shutdown, is finally done with and the Government can get back to serving its people as is intended by the Constitution. With the drama temporarily put on hold the Country can hopefully begin to put this shameful episode into the back burner…. Yet should we the people who watched it unfold simply forget? Should we allow the pathetic game of brinkmanships with people’s lives to be played? While workers were furloughed the 27th Amendment protected Congress from being punished for its crime. While workers were not getting paid (or working for no pay). Congressional Tea Baggers continued their odd ideological quest to destroy the very government that they so parasitically use to benefit the ultra wealthy and line their own pockets. No we the people should not forget this Crime nor simply pass it off as boy will be boys.

They fought the good fight yet they lost. John Boehner still tried in vain to save face in explaining the criminal actions of his party to the Mass Media. The game has been briefly suspended yet next year we will most likely reengage in another empty session of Tea Party obstruction. This Government Shutdown has made it clear the Tea Party has one agenda and it is to decimate the current Government so that it can be replaced with an outright Fascism. Te Tea Party claims to defend the Constitution., yet their actions are more indicative of an attempt to overturn the Government so that a strongman theocracy can be instituted instead. They hide behind the false veil of Americana nostalgia yet their actions betray a group that simply wants to undermine the current Government so that they can rule. The truth of the matter is the Tea Party is a minority, a group being bankrolled by the 1% of this Nation who pulls the strings behind the curtains and do no want to get their hands dirty or charged with any crimes.

With America about default however the Tea Party backed down. The reason they could not see it all the way through to Default is that a Default is a financial disaster which would have brought catastrophe to the investments of the 1%. The Default was avoided by the Tea Party because the 1% in their own ranks would be affected by the outcome. This deal only happened because of the pressure of the Debt Ceiling otherwise, the Tea Party would have continued to hold the Government hostage and continue to ensure that Government would never be able to serve the People ever again!This foolish game also was stopped because nobody wants to have the ostensible blame of “stealing Christmas’ and causing an economic disaster to Corporate America right before their biggest profit bonanza of the year!

Once again another manufactured crisis comes to an end. Only this time instead of retreating back to taking in reality tv or the latest internet cat meme, we the people should focus on ways to ensure that this never happens again. We the people need to remove these individuals responsible for all the suffering and the illegal shutdown and make sure that they are kicked out any government service on a permanent we the people must hold these guys accountable for their illegal actions.

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