The Human Factor


By Alberto Pupo

Who cares about people? In all reality when it comes to the Republican led Government Shutdown the last thing anyone talks about are the people. The way it looks right now over 800,000 employees have been furloughed for over a week now. These are individuals who have families, kids, and bills to pay. These are people who rely on a paycheck like any other individual who works in the private sector. Yet it is a rarity to hear any mention of the human factor and how the Government Shutdown is ruining the lives of people who like anyone else are simply trying to get by and make it. The truth of the matter is that the Republican Congress does not care about the people caught in the middle of their petulant Ayn Randish type of game.

This furlough is hurting people. Yes 800,000 is not just an inconsequential number, it actually symbolizes 800,000 people with families and mouths to feed, who are not being paid simply because a small minority within the Republican Party is choosing to purposely crash the government and the Nation simultaneously. The irony of the situation is that while the average Government worker is forced to go on furlough, the Congress that put them there will get paid regardless. Due to the deviousness that is the 27th Amendment Congress is exempt from the Shutdown. This is appalling as the ones who are responsible for shutting down the government are still siphoning tax payer money as they decry that the Government needs to be shutdown because ostensibly it is broke and it is not able to pay its bills.

Naturally when the Corporate Media focuses its attention on the Shutdown itself. Very rarely does media coverage have any stories about how families are currently being damaged and how their inability to obtain a paycheck is hurting the overall economy as a whole. On a micro level 800,000 people not receiving a paycheck does not seem catastrophic. However the inability of 800, 000 people to contribute into the economy or simply cease spending and demanding goods will put a damper on an economy that been slowly trying to climb out of a very difficult. The private sector which already struggles to give unemployment to those currently unemployed would then be burdened as those in the public sector try to find some additional or extra income ion the private sector many will even leave government employment in hopes of that mythical p”private sector golden ticket”.

The Republican Shutdown needs to end. If not for anything else but to ensure that all those who are caught in the middle of this work can regain their livelihoods and be able to provide for themselves or their families. Instead of all attention focused on attacks on the Democrats or anyone who opposes them the Republicans might want to start doing something amazing… actually caring about the People of this Nation. Because based on human factor this shutdown has been a fiscal calamity.

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